Discourse instalocks pm's


Well, the feature for discourse where pm’s are locked automatically after 500 posts got installed last night.

This is a sad day for me since that means the random pm’s are now shut down for good and another pm that’s important to me is shut down.

I thought this was worth taking about since a lot of my friends I met were through these kinds of pm’s and now they are no longer possible.

It makes me sad. :frowning:


There will be other solutions on the way that’ll take the place of the mass PM chats that people had. Sad times only for a short period I hope, but for the sake of the servers hosting these forums, I can see why Discourse put an end to people using a feature as it wasn’t intended.


It’s more saddening to me since it just means the permanent end to this form of communication. I have a lot of nostalgia for these forums due to these pm’s but it just makes me sad to see it go.

It’s no big deal though, we already have mostly transitioned to Discord (which I actually prefer for casual chatting) but I have to admit I’ll miss the pm’s here.


Yes, it went live about 2 days ago according to the Discourse meta site.

They also have a temporary measure of having public Topics max at 10,000 replies while they test out some things. This can be disable by the Admins though.


Odd, it only locked it last night and this morning when I put in a new post.


There was a bug they just fixed where instead of 500 it was 10,000 replies. So that’s probably why it only did it now.


so I have to limit my pm’s posts on how cool I am? not cool!



Yeah, now there’s a maximum limit on how many posts you can make


why does everyone hate me

(maybe it’s because your name is easy to make a pun with. I hate you still. ok then I will go sit in the corner. Good)


Learned this the hard way last night. Was sad I couldn’t get in one last reply.


Yep. Easily the worst part.








It sucks but ech… Say something random it is!

Oh wait…

The second one! Let’s go!


<ten char


Say something random 2 thread? We’ve basically just made it a public chat topic.


I know but it’s not the same xP

I pop in every so often but I am not interested in what goes on generally.


Yeah I get it…

######No moderation is great…


Nah not that but it is public

#####also mods are in there and I is scared of authority <loljk I just don’t trust them>