Disconnects and frozen monsters?

Just within the last few hours, every game either disconnects everybody or the monster is frozen at spawn leading to an easy hunter win. anybody else?

Let it GOOO, let it GOOO-

I have nothing of value to say.

Is it something along the lines that says you got disconnected from the host?

Perhaps check also the people you play with before the match starts. You can do this before the character selection screen by clicking on “player options” - click on each players badge and view their steam profile page and where they are from.

If they are, for example, all from Asian countries and you yourself are from Australia, that would be weird and suggest maybe to change your Steam download region to see if that helps.

Otherwise check also this post for some network troubleshooting: (It might be that your NAT type is set to strict or moderate, which will kick you when connected to people with a higher NAT type)

Hey Drados
I’ve recently experienced the same problem. I was loading as the monster in a normal match. When it was done loading suddenly it said that I lost the match without doing anything.
I hope that players won’t experience this problem in the future.