Disconnection problems


I got disconnected on a regular basis, while playing Evolve.
While playing everything stop moving and player and monsters (wildlife or Monsters) are standing on place and walking in the air. I checked a lot of stuff on my PC to make sure it’s not my PC that have a problem. Yea I know it still possible it’s on my side… but every other games, Voice IP software, VPN , all the rest of my stuff is working fine except EVOLVE.

We are 5 friends who buy this game to play together and 1 got the “protocol error” and me got the “perma-lag” disconnect problem.
Its rediculous to be able to sale a game like this and called it finished… Yet I have more stability with a pre-alpha game called “7 day to die”. With 7dtd you know exactly what you pay for and they do not pretend to sale you a “finished game”.

I feel like I have been robbed, Evolve is barely “BETA” at the network level… It’s very sad that company are allow to rob peoples like this and having no f… respect for their customers.

I really hope it’s the last game you develop, this way people will be able to spend their money on REAL games that WORKED !!!

Will be the last time Turtle Rock will get money from me…