Disconnection Garden Social?


What’s happening crazies?

Hey I was off for about a week because of a reset issue which got fixed, but since I’ve returned I’ve been disconnected 5 times in about three days. Screen goes black and looks like the scope of a medic’s rifle or something then back to lobby. And once while waiting between games…anyone else finding this? Any fixes? Will try the hard reset but…

I’ve got to say just when you think the agony of defeat in a really close match is too much, try the blackscreen of death after near 20 minutes of chasing and pounding a Kraken within an inch of his life and suddenly…bah!



Did it give you an error message of any kind?


At least once it said lobby timed out or something (which was during Evacuation as next game was starting and we had full room with guys talking).

Two other times I remember it saying that it was disconnected from xbox live. But I immediately looked at profile and saw my stats, and checked friends list and everything was fine. Didn’t indicate I’d ever flicked offline? Thanks for the reply.


I’m not sure then. Maybe one of the devs can help you.


I’m just here to say your thread title was hilarious.