Disconnecting with latest update


<fwiw, tried searching for this subject but got either no results or over a month old posts.>

Just updated the game (new hunters new boss) about 1 1/2 hours ago from the time of this post.

Played 4 games since then and 2 of those 4 games lagged out.
When it lagged out everyone was able to talk, but the game never recovered.

Physical location set to Japan, steam download location set to Japan:
1 of 1 no problem

The above game I played with a bunch of random Russians, so I switched steam download setting to Los Angeles.

2 out of 3 games lagged out. Everyone was able to talk but the game froze all around.
Can’t enable all-talk, or at least have an all-talk text like left 4 dead, so no idea what happened to the monster…