Disconnecting issues


In this game if you Disconnect there is no possible way to continue the same game you were in after you disconnect. Like in league of legends if you disconnect there is a reconnect bar that attempts to reconnect you but in Evolve, there is no way to get back into the action! If you could please fix this im sure many people would appreciate it. Thanks!


See, this is what I like. Someone who is actually being polite about it and explaining the problem, rather than just screaming “O I got kikd game sux need fix nao fegs” at us. I tip my hat to you, good sir.

I’m sure they are already working on fixing this issue. Thanks for being so kind and courteous!


You can ask for an invite from the players. I haven’t tested this is, but it seems like it would work.


The only suggestion I have, in the meantime, would be to play with friends on your list (at least if you’re on Steam with PC - not sure how it works with PS4 and XBone). That way you can get back into your match by joining their game (the rounds you got dropped from).


It’s also a bit annoying that there’s no timer for reconnects. I was in a party halfway through an Evacuation campaign and got disconnected. I was back on in 30 seconds and trying to reconnect through Steam’s Join Game and somebody had already taken my spot; the lobby was full.
There should be a few minutes where your spot can’t be taken to allow you to rejoin.


Exact same thing happened to me today…