Disconnecting from lobby -Xbox One, Australia


I constantly get “session has been lost or no longer available” error. If I’m lucky enough to get into a lobby, it is full of American players, and will disconnect me with same error message just before map loads.
As I’m playing from Australia can I force it to let me play other Aussies?
I have hard reloaded both Xbox One console and modem. Open NAT, ADSL 2+
Issue existed in beta, as I couldn’t connect to a single game in beta. Only played a handfull online since release.


If you have any Australian friends plying evolve and you join their game it should be on aussie servers


There’s anorher thread about this issue with a ton of posts. Has nothing to do with your internet; it’s the game and their servers. Devs are said to be working on a patch.


Yeah I am having same problem I just want to play evolve because it is an awesome game but it is extremely hard to pls fix this asap