Disconnecting Every Game. (XB1)


I have found it is only currently happening to me. I know this is a regular bug and most have experienced it but I am now getting DC’d every single game or 9 times out of 10. My internet connection is completely fine as far as I am aware and experience no lag issues.

Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this? Hopefully will sort itself out in the next patch.

Game constinetly crashing (xbox1)

No I DC but only like 1 for every 15 games right now on XB1 that sounds odd. I guess all you can do is hard restart your xbox and hope?


Yep. Every time at least one of us in the party gets disconnected for no reason. Followed by a lengthy sigh and an frustrated sounding “…send me an invite”


I’ve experienced alot of different dc the oddest one get this right after last patch I don’t know if it includes the monster but medic dc’s the screen tells him enabling multiple player gets back in without ever being sent out then one by one it does the same to use all and another one everyone dc but me and monster but ai never took over every hunter but me rouge val was just running in place and the behemoth was still being player controlled


Hmm, I’ll have to keep an eye out and see if I get DC’d more than usual.
I know lately I always get kicked from XB Party Chat, but that seems to be an XB bug and not Evolve related.

Is there a specific time when you get DC’d? Or mode or class? Or it just doesn’t matter, it always happens?


I’ve seen the party one does it when you join it opens snap then when you close it it kicks you right out or maybe when you go to join your party on evolve I don’t remember a specific order or starting something cuz it didn’t happen to me but to one of my friends


It tends to just happen early game when I play any hunter. I haven’t played monster recently so not checked on that side of things.


this was such an irritating issue back during release, and it took them months to even acknowledge it.

it sucks that you’re having the problem. i thought they had fixed it.


also having this problem alot on ps4.

75% of team party games 1 of the our hunters get d/c’ed. Even joining a lobby together is a pain, keep getting dropped out due to connection to host or own connection. Though I have outmost perfect connection.

Thought this was an issue with psn service or is this related to evolve?


My game just dashboards mid match, no disconnect errors just straight to dashboard. I’ve had this problem since hunt 2.0 came out, doesn’t matter which monster/hunter combination I use. This especially frustrating is when it happens in ranked hunt and I lose all my progress for the day.
Anybody know if the devs have mentioned a fix for this?


It does that for me too, quite a bit, I remember one day it crashed every 5 minutes almost. It does seem to crash even more than Bethesda games, which is saying something.


Especially for a game that has been out for a year. I’m refusing to play ranked now, since playing and progressing for the game to take that away from you for something out of your control is depressing.


I have the same problem on the PS4


Hopefully, it will be easier for trs to figure out what causes the dashboard bug since 9.0 will allow automatic crash report dumps whenever the game crashes or closes. Than begins the death of the dashboard bug.


I’ve got a few tips/ hints for you guys to reduce the random disconnects etc. but they do not work against the random crashes. (Evolve just close itself for no reason and put you back to the dashboard)

Choose your internet provider carefully

For example In Germany (my homeland) the internet provider Unity media got mayor problems with the Xbox one console. My provider is Telekom and i have no problems at all with my connection.

Choose your router carefully

I’ve got a Fritzbox and prefer it over a Speedport etc. It’s important that you can tweak most options like fixed IP.

Open your NAT

There are some hints for specific routers, i recommend to search replies for that problem on google.

As a general rule you have to open specific ports for your xbox on your router. (use google please)
Also it helps to set the IP of your xbox to fixed.
There’s is also a mayor problem with the IPV6-connection, the xbox can’t handle this at all, you have to use IPV4 exclusively to bypass this issue. I recommend to put your IPV6-connection completely off.
Mostly newer OS for the routers can enable/ disable this option, therefore you have to update your router to the newest OS.

When all works your xbox connection test say NAT: open.
Than go to the IP-options in your xbox and look for your primary DNS! When you see something like (your router-IP) than all is ok but if you see something like 1ksw.p48n.db6u.be00z you will have a problem. Often in this case the problem comes from your IPV6-connection and you should turn it off.

When someone in the lobby/ party chat doesn’t get an open NAT he can disrupt your connection as well.
In this case help him to open his NAT or you will struggle with this problem forever.

If you leave multiple times a menu /game in Evolve the matchmaking will struggle to find you players and you can not join a friend’s game.
I think this is some kind of ram issue with Evolve.

To solve this problem just restart the game! (also your buddies)

I hope that will help a little bit guys.

Cheers Bodyburster


Is this still happening to you?


It was only happening on Hunt 2.0 which I haven’t played since as I’ve stuck to quick play, customs or went on PC alternatively which I haven’t been disconnecting in. I will have to try and will let you know.


it tends to happen more on hunt 2.0 from what ive noticed well on xbox


Can we get rid of the lose of points for being DC’d I lost alot of my points tonight from it I know the system can’t tell weather it’s a rage quit or DC blah blah blah I don’t rage quit it’s redundant. #annoying as it gets


Yup DC just about every game tonight.-18 pts about to be deranked