Hey all,
I am on the xbox 1. Evolve is my go to game and it’s so much fun. I’m getting more and more frustrated though at all the games i am being disconnected from. There is little more frustrating when you’ve been on the ropes most of the game and have come back only to be disconnected with 1 or 2 hunters left. Is anyone else having this issue? My internet isn’t bad so i don’t think that’s an issue but maybe my router is getting old. I don’t think it’s just me when i try to join the last people i was with they’re in the menus too.
I couldn’t find a post quite like this one but if it’s here i’ll just read that if someone links it.

Oh yeah and what’s up with Behemoth’s attacks not killing the birds? lava bomb, fissure and rock wall don’t kill the “scarred birds” on the maps.
Thanks for your time.


Behemoths special attacks don’t even clear out Markov mines at the moment, but for now regular melee works best

haha nice picture

i feel like some of my special attacks clear the mines but i remember thinking it should have cleared all. i was a little busy and i will pay more attention in the future.

Ok i played again and every game i played got disconnected at some point.
so frustrating.

Also on Xbox one and the last two days I have been getting disconnected every single game but 1! I have had serious problems with it since the DLC released so no its the game not your internet as every other game I own works just fine and I’m sure its the same for you as well

Oh my god, I’m glad I’m not the only one this is happening to. On xbox one the disconnecting is ridiculous. Almost every other match when I’m choosing characters when there is 1:13,1:14, or,1:15 left on the clock to choose it kicks everyone out the game. I paid $40 extra on DLC and I can’t even play right. I like Evolve, but I feel like I’m being taken advantage of my loyalty to the game.

is this serious? u guys drop a patch that does nothing to solve this problem? I spend over an hour changing my NAT type to open and I keep getting disconnected on xbox one. no devs or anyone tells us that it’s getting fixed. well forget this game, sells people broken servers and doesn’t even fix it 2 MONTHS AFTERWARDS!!??

I just spent a frustrating half hour getting disconnected from the game over and over again. it happened to half of my party once so it’s not just me, i’m not sure what is the problem. If i can do something to try and prevent this problem from happening that’d be great.