Disconnected before the loading screen shows up

So I’ve downloaded Evolve Stage 2 quite a long time ago, but i didn’t really play it that much, everything was good, i could start a match i could press play and go into the queue, it was all good.

But recently i really started playing it, and well i met quite a lot of bugs. Actually there are two but one of them i managed to solve, but the other one is really messing with me.

So i start a game, get a team, pick my character, get my perks. and it’s all good, i can see people’s levels and all
but once the countdown timer in the corner reaches zero I just return to the queue, like someone kicked me.
This doesn’t actually occur all the time but there’s a 75% chance for it to happen, and queue times where i live are pretty long. That’s all i can say, any solutions?

Unfortunately, no. This is possibly a server issue or people are actually dropping before the match begins. The simplest suggestion is to find a group to party up with. Keep us updated if things change.

It also wouldn’t hurt to file a ticket with 2k customer service.

2K http://support.2k.com/


Literally no one ever answers anything in the 2k evolve support sections.
it’s like directing somebody to the Sahara desert when they ask for water.

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At least there’s a chance for support there. Nothing can be done by TRS to help. They have no access to anything Evolve related.

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there are about 10+ posts there about how the servers are broken and none of them have been answered ever. some of them are months old too so no, no chance at all.
best bet is to just install the legacy version as that somehow seems to work fine, except there’s never anyone playing it ;(

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Not trying to start a fight but I think it’s best just to state the 2K reason and close the thread because if development is finished and no further updates happen then why would they fix a problem? Can’t fix a problem without an update right?

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If it’s a server side issue it won’t require a client side update.


To my understanding this is a server issue. I thought it got fixed, but it’s started up for me again, too. (It’s also not specific to Evolve - 2k’s support feeds are full of similar server/connection issues from their other games, too.)

I’m just going to keep reopening my ticket with 2K support.

It has changed, i forgot about this thread, i don’t get disconnected anymore.
Well i did get disconnected once, but i’ve played like 40 games since it got fixed (Started working better), so it works fine now.
Anyway thank you for your help. :slight_smile:


:lazarus: @Leaders @moderators

I know it doesn’t work but it makes it look like I tried



Happy to hear you were able to get games going now! If you have any gameplay questions, you’re welcome to ask them in a seperate thread. :slight_smile: