Disconnect loss timer


I was kicked because of a context error, or the game just completely shutting down. I am used to evolve doing this, as for some reason it is the ONLY game that does this…however, now, to make things even better I am getting a LOSS and a TIMER for getting kicked out of the game because of (insert a dozen or so reasons why the game disconnects you). Please, for the love of this beautiful game, update the servers, do SOMETHING. I love this game to the core but I am so very disappointed by how difficult it is to have a match without getting kicked out for one error or another. This game has been out for over a year and the bugs remain. Why? Why? Sorry if this comes off as complaining (which it so 100 percent is) but I paid money for this game and I get kicked (for reasons that are not my own) and I have to suffer a timer for it? What kind of quality gaming experience is this?



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