Disconect issues, fix it please


TRS fix your game! I should have way more victories on my stats, but I don’t because your game is broken as hell. I was just playing Kraken and hit stage 3, many strikes on the hunters too. I was guaranteed victory till all of a sudden the game froze up and I see the lost connection message. This game has had this issue since day one. That and the one where it just crashes and you find yourself on the Xbox home page. I’m am getting so sick of all the issues. I know, working on it, but I’m getting tired of it. It’s always something.


Haven’t really had this issue up until the past 2 days. But I’ve only had the game a couple of weeks now.

Happening in between loading and the end of game lobby a couple times too.


Trust me, this issue is one of the top ones on their plate. They do look into all of the queries within the Bugs category of threads but I must say, starting your topic with “Fix This Game!”, an empty demand, is so off-putting. The tone automatically puts the receiver on the defensive and sets up a really poor discourse, or none at all. Next time say something like, “TRS, can you please look into this issue?”


It’s not as frequent as it once was, but it happens.


Playing a game that has had issues since launch is off putting too. Guessing you disagree though. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game a lot, but there are so many issues. You may not like the title, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I paid for this game, so I think I have the right to freely express myself.


Thanks for the edit anyway. :wink:
I hear ya…and it’s being worked out as we speak.


I’m sorry to hear that happen to yah. Like @SledgePainter mentioned they work very hard to correct issues like those. :smile:


I have no doubt they’re working on it, but working hard I seriously doubt. Most people don’t know what hard work is. Thanks for your thoughts though.


Someone please explain why people on the forums are so overly sensitive, especially mods? I didn’t realize you could censor people even when they’re not being offensive.





macman and his development team put alot of effort into this game and want it to be successful. Trust me when I say they are working hard and putting in the hours to fix major issues such as these.


It’s not censoring, I’m just changing the title to something more descriptive and less aggressive. Also, I’m not a mod. Just a regular.

Getting all offensive doesn’t help anything, especially when this kind of thread’s been around since the beginning of time.

Believe me, I hate some of the stuff that mod powers are used for, but I don’t know if altering the title to make it better, frankly, is so terrible.


Not allowing me to put what I typed up is indeed censorship, but whatever.


Okay, you’re one of those people.

None of your ideas are being supressed. In fact, the new title gets across what happened to you better than your original one (by the way, it’s already restated in the first sentence of your paragraph).

BTW, you’re not guaranteed free speech on forums and stuff. Not governmental property or a public place.

Shouting “TRS Fix your game!” creates nothing productive or constructive. Also, saying that you know they’re not working hard and acting like you’re some sort of uber-worker is pretty weird and pretentious.

lel. Your proof?

Well, that’s obviously included in the game, and I’m totally limiting your ability to freely express yourself.



I’m one of those people? Who are those people? Sounds a little like hate speech to me.


Okay, now you’re just being passive aggressive. You stated your issue (one that’s been stated a ton before) and did so in a way that indicated to your immaturity and inability to express criticism constructively. Gonna leave this thread to die, seeya.


Easy you two. No need to escalate so quickly and you both have valid points. @Kaiser There is nothing more to discuss here to be honest. You have the answers you need. :smile:


I didn’t see any answer on the issue from anyone that works at TRS giving any info, but ok. Thanks for at least being an adult about it. I can’t express how much I appreciate that.


I understand your position, kasier even if I disagree. I trust SledgePainter on what was said about it being a top priority. Sledge, like any other Mod or long time forum goer are very dependable on giving you valid information. Happy adventures and I wish you the best.

You know what really grinds my gears

People make me sad for the world.