Disco dropship --- Should be fixed in latest NVIDIA Drivers --- [Warning, flashing imagery ITT]


I’ve had a bug twice tonight where the game goes neon and flashy as soon as we hit the dropship. The odd thing is, another person in my lobby got graphical issues as well, both times. I’m on a GTX 980 and he’s on a GTX 770.

His issues were different than mine from the sound of it, but I found it odd that both of us got it at the same time. The other two members of our team also have Nvidia cards, but were unaffected.

Other pertinent information: this was my first night playing on the 980, I upgraded from a 680 yesterday.

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Was it only the drop ship or did it fix during the hunt?


Did you have fun in there? ^.-


And you have a problem with this why?


Roll back your drivers to version 350.12. This issue is caused by the NVIDIA driver version 352.86, and possibly by 353.06 (I havent tested 353.06 yet, as they only just came out today. I will be testing them out in the morning)

Disco time on Aviary

I came in here and was like


Looks like a party. :stuck_out_tongue:


Name of song?


Thanks for the heads up. Lately when the driver updates pop up for me I just don’t install anymore because it screws Evolve up. Don’t fix what ain’t broke I say.


and i thought i was the only one on lsd every few matches

ive never seen yellow rain on medlab before^^


Darude: Sandstorm


That is exactly what I wanted to hear.


Okay, as far as I can tell, this issue no longer occurs in the latest NVIDIA drivers, 353.06 which were released yesterday. So try grabbing those. If anyone still encounters this issue on 353.06, let me know and roll back your drivers to 350.12.


I was on 353.06 last night. I plan to roll back to 350.12 tonight.


Okay so 353.06 still has this issue it seems. Ignore my previous comment.


Thank you for the screenshots! I have seen some parties before… but this one… nice. :smile:I will add this to the info I have previous to this! Thank you!


I’m on 353.06 so can pretty much confirm it’s still an issue there.


Just wanted to give you all a brief update that we are in contact with nVidia, and are working to find a solution to this problem.


Alt tabbing from fullscreen back in tends to sort it out after at least 1 if not 2 attempts, so it’s not like it’s game breaking, but will be good to get that fix!


Great to hear. Now that I’ve got a G-sync monitor I’m playing in fullscreen rather than borderless window, so I can employ the alt-tabbing fix that has been mentioned. Hopefully it’ll be totally fixed soon though!