Disappointed with the bugs


First of all, I don’t want this thread to come off as a complaint or a bash to TRS/2K.

This is just my honest opinion of how things have gone since this game’s release a few months ago.

This is one of the more refreshing games I have played in a long time, so it saddens me to see it bogged down with so many bugs and errors.

I have several hundreds of hours played on this game, but have seen myself kind of drifting more and more as of late. This is all due to the large amount of bugs within the game.

It’s really disappointing to sit and play a large variety of other games (many of which that don’t give me the same joy as Evolve does) without a single issue. Only to have my friends call me up and tell me to hop on Evolve, to have it immediately greet me with issues.

For starters, finding a match with your party is nearly impossible. It seems to take 5+ tries before it finally groups us up together. Half the group usually gets kicked back to the main screen, while the other half gets sent into the loading screen for the upcoming game. The kicked players will then try to join the session in progress and even though we’re still playing with bots, it gives them the ‘session is full’ message upon attempt. This makes for a lot of quit games, just so we can play with our friends.

Finally, once you’re in the game, a variety of bugs can drastically change the outcome of the game. For instance, the corpse through the map glitch. This is game changing, has been a topic for months, and they still don’t seem to have an answer for it. As a Laz player, this is a really tough glitch/bug to swallow.

Wildlife, especially the more dangerous/threatening ones, springing back to life after being killed. It’s like a scene out of pet cemetery, minus the cemetery. You’ll kill a Nomad so that it doesn’t mess with you when you’re fighting the monster, only to have it sit up like the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Lots of deaths to this issue.

The drop-ship glitch, where it seems if you glitch at all during your death, you’re forever destined to fall from the drop-ship as a dead body over and over again. This has happened to our group plenty of times, essentially making it a 3v1 fight from that point on. The dead player waits for the timer, but once they drop from the ship, it’s just a dead body falling to the earth. As hilarious as it is to watch, it’s a nightmare to deal with once the monster comes around.

Finally, the wall glitch. This bug has actually helped us win a few matches before, so I can’t hate on it too harshly, but it’s definitely something that needs to be fixed regardless. It seems like heavy attacks from a monster, if you’re pinned against the wall, can send you flying inside of the wall. This usually allows the hunter to shoot the monster, while being totally immune to any of the monsters attacks. While this sounds nice and all, if you’re the medic or the trapper, good luck ever killing the monster. This is especially bad if you get stuck in a wall that’s not near the relay, because then the monster just shreds your teammates and you have to sit and watch as he pounds away at the relay.

Look, I am not trying to create a long post here or beat a dead horse or anything like that, it’s just frustrating when a game you love has issues like these. Obviously, not every game has glitches or bugs, but compared to the experience other games are giving right now, even older games, it’s a sad state.

I want Evolve to be as fluid and flawless as possible, so it lasts for a long, long time.

Again, sorry for the long post to anyone that reads the whole thing, I just wanted to rant a bit is all. Also, I know that TRS is aware of most, if not all of these issues. I just hope they can figure something out soon.


I just read that post and laughed 'til I fell off my chair, please do not withdraw it :crying_cat_face:

EDIT: Found it :joy:


Lol sorry, I thought so much on it that I decided to create a new topic for it xD


There is thousands more bugs you didnt mentioned…


Please share :no_mouth:
Awaiting list of 1000+ bugs


Play the game and you will see.


o’rly :open_mouth:



10 char


…I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that but oh well. I laughed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, I’ve played plenty, and nothing has been very gamebreaking (Get the occasional Corpse-fell-through-the-world thing as Laz as the most annoying/frustrating, but eh, I’ve suffered far worse)

Are they there? Of course. Doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game, though. The game itself is just that fun to me :smiley:


Omg yes, I feel the same, I love this game or I wouldn’t waste hours of my life just trying to get a game to work! Since the big patch it has been so much worse then when it started and I’m confused as to why, furthermore this last weekend has been The worst I have ever seen, I can’t party up with friends and play properly and when. I try to play monster by myself I have to quit 10 games in a row as I keep getting hunter. This doesn’t help anyone and has been a problem since day one why can’t you micro patch and finally fix the preference problem? I have just quit 3 games typing this… Its a very flawed system, I would still like the post patch servers back to normal so I could at least play hunter with friends and not worry about trying to play the half of the broken game.

And also OP you barely scratched the surface as to how many bugs, game breaking bugs this game has

PS. Make that 4 games in a row quit now! If people maybe used their mics maybe I wouldn’t mind losing with them as much but communication is pretty important for this game. And thats besides the point as I would only like to play monster anyways…


Maybe some people are…


Really interesting in this one, do you have a video where it happens?


Holy shit, between reading that post and then seeing that GIF, I am literally in tears right now.

Good god, that kicked my ass hard.


I actually don’t have a video of this particular bug, but it definitely has happened a handful of times.

It’s like if the player experiences any type of bug or glitch directly before they die, they’re condemned to eternal hell.


There ya go.