Disappearing Skins Bug?


I’m someone who like to partake in the weekly challenges for skins to make my Hunters/Monsters look awesome (Even the first Hunters Quest Skin). However I noticed I was never getting any skins. So I unlinked and linked my account back up to find I had all my skins. Unfortunately when I played a single match they would all disappear again. It keeps happening no matter how many times I try. I’m wondering if there is any potential fix for this bug?

This is on PS4 btw.


Happens to me to, every time I boot up the game I have none of my skins I have to re-link my account each and every time I want my skins back, or I’ll get something strange, some people will have their skins like Maggie will have her predator skins but none of the other trappers have them ? Even though they came as a pack during the event, I’m on ps4.


I have the same problem. I contacted the 2k support and they suggested de- and reinstalling the game but it didn’t help :frowning:


I would definitely submit a ticket to 2K support, give them all the information you can. This seems like an issue on their end.



Yeah same issue here but I contacted the support 4 weeks ago and nothing helpful came back. Also I have to wait years for getting an answer :smiley: