Disappearing names


I am not sure if this is a bug, but since when is it not possible to see the names of the players when smelling. It is annoying for the monster to go by the silhouette alone. Furthermore not a bug, but it might actually be nice if the matchmaking gets fixed and it doesn’t take 3 turns to connect after a match. Especially with the hunt 2.0 waiting times.


Was slim on the team? Because that might’ve been it. Or were you using the smell perk? Since it only shows silhouettes outside the standard smell range (which is 50 metres I believe)


I think this came with the wasteland maggie patch . i hate it.


It’s been like this for a few patches now.

I miss it as well. Showing names seems to now be related to line of sight, but I feel like it’s slightly inconsistent from time to time as in only showing 1 name out of 3 Hunters that are in LoS.

Smelling them through the wall definitely only shows their silhouettes. Would be nice to bring the names back, I believe they used to show the player names long ago and I’m not sure why they’ve taken this out.

As for your second bug, that’s not really a lot of information. It takes multiple turns to connect after a match? As in, reconnect?
Or just in general finding opponents?