Disabling the HUD?


Title. It’d be a nice feature for the summer patch if you guys could fit it in. It can be useful for Choreography when making videos for trailers and the like.


I suggested this a while back with many others. @LadieAuPair said that she’d make sure that @Miel got word of it but I never heard once that she looked into it or even heard of the suggestion so…

Good luck :sweat_smile:


I’m looking to this for a fan trailer too! :slight_smile:


It’s not something that is going to happen in TU09. UI has a lot on their plate for that update, but I’m not saying it won’t ever come.


Hi, folks!

I had a couple questions for you guys (disclaimer: no promises/schedules made, just trying to nail down what you all would like to see so we can discuss its scope internally):

  • Would you be using this more frequently in solo (you’re playing the character) or multiplayer (you’re playing the character or Observer with your friends as the “actors”)?
  • If you’re playing the Observer, there’s the ability to minimize the HUD so it almost completely disappears. If this doesn’t work for your intended use, why not and how could we make it better?
  • My assumption is that this would be something more often utilized by PC players looking to record gameplay and make videos from it. Does that seem correct? Are there any console players that would find this useful, and how would you use it?

Thanks for pinging this request, and I look forward to your answers/thoughts! :smiley:

Can We Talk About UI?

I’d mainly use it when I play Crow. I know of his cool downs, reloads, and charge time by heart so the UI isn’t much of a help. I think it would just be a nice thing to have that better further the feeling of being that certain character.


I play on PS4 and would simply use it like I said above. It would also be a nice thing to have when through quickplay or solo. The game looks incredible and I feel that the UI takes away from that.

I don’t have much to say about Observer. I prefer to switch in between each option as they all serve a purpose and relay important information to me and the people who might be watching my stream. I do however prefer the option where all the health status for both Monster and Hunter are on the bottom of the screen in bars. It gets rid of a lot of the clutter and looks nice.


First, let me say thanks for taking the time to write up a response. Y’all are busy from what we’ve heard, so it means a lot. Anyway, let me dive into the bullets.

[quote=“Miel, post:5, topic:85942”]
Would you be using this more frequently in solo (you’re playing the character) or multiplayer (you’re playing the character or Observer with your friends as the “actors”)?[/quote]

All three, mostly MP.

While it can be done from the Observers prospective, it occasionally ends up being a lot more time consuming because of working with the other people among your group to find that shot you want.

Likely console players would find the same reasons to use it. There’s nothing saying you can’t import the clips you’ve taken to a Macbook pro or a PC and use some video editing software on it.

I’d personally be using it to give footage to members such as @skills4u2envy @GrizzleMarine or @Seedsy for promo vids on tournaments like Quick Shot and the like since not many people can play Wraith effectively in this day and age. I’m also sure they’d love the option since it gives more cinematic shots to use in-game. You can get more (and wider) shots like the one from the Quick Shot trailer when a Behemoth was raising up the Rock Wall.


This is super interesting, thank you for the responses! So it seems like we’ve got two main camps (if there are other reasons for wanting to hide the HUD, shout it out):

  • Those who want to use it in multiplayer (mostly), and personally dislike the HUD or find it unnecessary due to skill
  • Those who want to hide the HUD for recording purposes to create content (videos, images, etc.)

Does that seem about right? If so, I’d like to dig a little deeper into each, starting with the first camp:

I get the impression that hiding the HUD may not actually be the most ideal solution if we could find ways to improve it. Do you feel that way, too, @Shunty ? If we could address some of the problems you have with it, do you think you’d like to play with the HUD on – or is that totally a non-factor and you just want a totally clear screen for the ultimate immersive experience?

If the former, here are my open-ended follow-up questions:

  • Are there other games where you enjoy the HUD you’re presented with?
  • In what areas do you feel the Evolve HUD is lacking, or could do a better job at presenting information?
  • Do you typically play Monster or Hunter, or a pretty equal balance of the two?
  • Do you feel that either HUD is “better” than the other? Which one and why, if so?

If it’s the latter (more immersive experience), no need to elaborate unless you feel like it.

Thanks again for your answers (and if other readers feel similarly, throw in your own answers). Please don’t feel obligated to answer them all at once, and please don’t hold back! All feedback is helpful as long as it’s constructive! :slight_smile:

Can We Talk About UI?

I would like two improvements to the hunter’s HUD / ingame visual cues:


I see no issues with allowing more control options.
For my needs as a caster/broadcaster. My main issue comes from the “Hide HUD” option disabling outlines. I personally would prefer if

  • the 2 key presses were mutually exclusive and did not impact eachother.
  • the “Hide Hud” in multiplayer, the E in the bottom right should be hidden when the user selects to remove hud
  • A camera that isn’t bound to an object.

I’ve discussed these before in multiple locations, but those are my only gripes/requests.

We’ve resorted to using alternative, more time consuming methods of rendering scenes. This would definitely be an easier, and simpler solution.

If you have any questions, feel free to message :slight_smile: Thanks for the tag @Chickenprotector


If I don’t want the HUD, it’s not because I don’t like it, it’s fine after all. (There could be more customizations, colors for example).
It’s because I want to do some trailer, like for films.
The perfect experience would be a video mode, where we could adjust the camera and everything, but it seems difficult ^^


A little off-topic, but…

Seeds, please don’t disable the hunters’ health bars while casting. I don’t want to view the match from the viewpoint of a monster in a Sporce Cloud but as an all-seeing spectator. :slight_smile:
Especially with the streaming compression it’s really hard to keep track of where the hunters are and who has how much health.


It all depends on character. Some of the characters like Crow, Parnell, Laz, Val, Caira, Slim, Lennox, Hyde, and Rogue Val already have some of the UI implemented into the tools they use. I think making it so that this on every tool and every weapon would be a step in the right direction.


Mainly this is what most of us want to be able to create content.
Also I may be in the minority here but I would love it if there was a more minimal option for the hud. Because often times I’d find my screen filled with 20 different pings, text, notification, icons, tips and just about everything you can cram on there. It gets tiresome on the eyes.

Dishonored. The default is pretty good, it gives what you would mostly need to play the game the first time. But it also gives you the option to remove most of it as well as to show everything.

Second would be Titanfall, the game can have a lot of stuff going around you and I mean a lot. But despite that they’ve manage to put only what you need on the screen for both Pilot and Titan combat. Aside from the titan notification screen on the top right though. XD

Well a cloaked symbol would be nice for once.

What I would like to see more is whenever an icon is not on the center of your screen, it should be semi transparent until you get your reticle closer to it. Similar to how Abe’s tracking gun shows the tagged wildlife icon.

I play both almost equally, but probably more to the monster side if we’re only considering online play and not customs. Because in customs I only play hunter because of them leg.

The hud for the monster is definitely better than the one on the hunters. Though both need improvements, I just can’t think of one right now.

What I like about the Monster hud, is aware we can be with our surroundings and the feeling of control.

Meanwhile playing as a hunter that is in first person which in itself already give a very focus and tunnel vision feeling. Couple that with what could be going on around you and the abundance of text and icons that could show up, it really leaves a lot of people feeling sick and give them information overflow.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t prefer to play Assaults, because I’m already busy doing my job why are there things that are popping up on me so much.
I just want to fucking melt some fucking faces with my fucking lotion in the fucking basket. :hyde:

What I would recommend is one thing that I like from L4D1&2 is how the notifications and the popup guide reduces as you put more hours and do more of the things that it recommends you to do. While still giving you the option to reset things.


The greatest UI in my opinion would be one you can Drag & Drop the selections you want/need on the screen. E.G. from the hunter prospective I could change it up and drag the jetpack bar and throw it next to your health bar on the left side of the screen, etc. For monsters it would be changing up the positions of the traversal bar, health bar, etc to make something appeasing. Customization is great, but getting too much on your plate for features is a bad idea. On the one hand I’d love to see more options for changing up the hud and opening up some content to the community if possible - though that will open security holes. On the other the feature creep is a very real beast when dealing with gaming.

And I’m with Azmi here, having the option to swap between first and third person for both hunters and monsters would also be a welcome addition, switching to third person for hunters would give more of a prospective for tracking the monster, switching to first will give monsters the ability to focus more effectively and can deal with something like Slim’s spore cloud a lot more easily as a result.

But as I said, feature creep.


Ok, mostly play hunters but I also enjoy monster. There are a few very specific things I miss in the HUD:

Damage numbers. On both the hunters and monster HUD. Seriously, damage numbers, please! With combat text batching, i.e.: show me 25 after some time rather then 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 per tick on the flamethrower or minigun.

An option for combat text logs. Would be nice to see things like “support used cloak”, “medic used healing burst”, “assault used personal shield”, “assault killed tyrant”, “monster destroyed turret” etc. Possibly where the captions show, but depends on how much info you’d add there. I’d be nice to see things like “assault hit monster for 150” and “trapper harpooned monster for 1s”, but it might be too much if you consider logs, chat and captions on at the same time in the same place.

View model toggle on off. I don’t want to have Hyde’s fucking flamethrower taking up half of my fucking screen. And Slim’s shotgun. And both of Markov’s Lightning guns. Etc.

Change viewmodel FOV. Same reason as above, just better for certain weapons. Ex: I want to hide the flamethrower but just make the rifles smaller. IDK about immersion breaking or having really long tiny disconnected arms on my screen.

Hitsounds and toggle hit sounds. IMO, the best hit sounds of all time are BL2’s Bee Shield (when you shoot it with a full shield – so discreet yet clear, beautiful!) and Quake’s.

Being able to manually trigger voice lines would be awesome. Spamming medic to get healed or spamming “dome’s coming down” to make sure people are aware are the main reasons that come to mind.

Being able to auto-call medic or support (for hank). Maybe just a flashing health bar when below X value to show the player needs healing or shields.

Being able to see the cooldown on the hunter’s action skill as well as the health on the hunter-status thing (bottom left) would be nice but not absolutely necessary.

Show match time and player connection when the map is up. Why do I need to press a different button? Can’t remember off the top of my head if there’s a hold tab to show map option, but that would be preferable to just toggle on off. If there is, then I’m an idiot for not using it.

Minimal hud option. Either just make everything smaller and further out on the screen, or swap everything to numbers (YAS!). Knowing I have X shots left in a clip is good, being able to call “13s till dome’s up” or “cloak’s out in 5s” is better.

Honestly, I’d be more than happy to just edit my cfg for these, but I don’t know my way around cryengine spaghetti.

I guess we tend not to remember good HUDs as much as bad ones. But the 2 that stood out to me the most were Dead Space (such beautiful integration and immersion) and TF2’s Broeselhud mod (doesn’t fit the art style, but it gets the job done by clearly showing you what you need to know in a fast-paced chaotic FPS).


Hey Anna!
Glad you’re feeling better :slight_smile:

So, for me at least, I’ve never been a fan of completely hiding the HUD because at the end of the day it’s an FPS game, not a horror game like Alien: Isolation. Although, it would be a nice option to be able to turn it off for video purposes when recording footage.

I can’t think of a HUD off the top of my head that I really like, but I know there are a few where you can basically “pick and choose” what you want shown on the screen. Giving players more options/freedom is always a good thing when it comes to things like this.

I’d just like an option to position and resize the HUD.
More so with Hunters because the smaller size of the Monster’s HUD seems better in my opinion.

Here’s just a rough example I threw on the Forums a while back.

I feel like there needs to be a different HUD display for “competitive” or “experience” players of the game, because after playing for around 1,000 hrs, I know the queues and how the game works and such. I don’t need the HUD to take up so much of the screen and I’d rather have it all in one place.

Plus, now that there are so many characters it’s already visually exhausting when you have the VFX from so many characters firing at once on the screen, and your HUD is glowing all over the place.

So a list of some customization options I think would be nice:

  • Move any GUI/HUD item
  • Re-size any GUI/HUD item
  • Set opacity of each item
  • Load/Save “sets” for customization options (so you can have options for classes and/or characters)
  • Ability to turn off specific items/sections of the HUD
  • Maybe have the ability to make certain parts of the HUD fade away when they aren’t active, like how the health and jetpack bar work but available for other sections

That could solve a lot of gamer complaints and really help people to improve their experiences in the game.

TLDR: Stop being lazy and just read it!


This is something that you can learn to do and is already part of the HUD.
There are audio queues from Hunters when the dome is at 10s left, and once you learn the time difference when the meter in the HUD wheel goes down you can shout out 30s, 20s, 10s, etc. I do this all the time.

The same can be said for the Cloak. Although, its been teased that the Cloak is either changing or being removed in TU9, but that’s in another Topic and doesn’t need to be discussed here.

All guns with actual bullets also have some form of display that shows you how many shots in the clip you have.

Adding numbers and such to a HUD display in my opinion just makes it very muddy and distracting.
The same for text logs on the screen. Evolve used to have those way back in the development and I’m super glad they removed those because it takes time to read and takes you out of the experience. It’s possible you could also miss the Monsters hiding because the text covered him up on your screen.

There are also character audio queues for when characters are using certain weapons/abilities if the person you’re playing with doesn’t mention it. Like Hank always says, “Cloak’s up” when Support uses it.

If you have trouble hearing the audio then you can always turn on subtitles so you don’t miss them.


if you gave free moving camera’s and no hud for observer I would defiantly try to get something to record an entire movie for evolve it would be really cool!