Disable Wraith Until Fixed [CHILL NERF INCOMING THIS WEEK]


This is not fun and you’ll kill your potential new player base by putting a bad taste for this game in their mouth. Wraith is fundamentally broken in Stage 2 and it’s popping up at least for me 2/3rds of my games. It’s the only monster that still gets to choose if/when to engage while domed and that is a serious problem.

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Agreed. Attacks way too fast also.




Honestly, as a courtesy to other players I always open with “Will not be picking Wraith” when I join a game now. Going into one knowing you’re not going to have to put up with it is a huge relief, at least for me personally. Even though Stage 2 is just starting off and we’re flooded with new players I’m kinda proud to be at 100% win rate as monsters across 20+ games with 0 played as Wraith.


got wiped by a 20 streak wraith again. Do the devs intend this to be a newbie player experience. I not gonna lie to my friends when they ask me about my experience in this game. lol


Didn’t this exact same thing happen when Wraith was first released and single handily kill the player base in a matter of a few weeks?


Yep, and they’ve somehow thought it was a good idea to do it all over again. (also…gorgon)


Disable wraith?! What is this Evolves release? Hahahaha hate wraith.

For realsies though in my opinion wraith has been what’s ruined this game since last February, and as of now I can’t play new evolve but I will take the word of my fellow fan that if the Wraith is MORE powerful that’s horrifying to me.


Do you notice those icons next to some of the avatars of people you’re responding to? Some of them may be founders, so calling everyone “newbies” seems, uh, stupid. Additionally, the assumption that the players are just terrible, it’s pubstomping, etc., is also crass. As is telling people to just “git gud” as if balance is ABSOLUTELY not an issue in a newly revised beta game…


Gonna have to agree, just got done with another win streak Wraith. It’s seriously just back to decoy and nova spamming and then spamming space to hide in the dome again. Once it goes stage two the game is over.


There are changes to Wraith coming next week.


I’m not sure what the icon really represents, but I do notice I have one also, thus I guess have experience (at least some long standing status on forum), I’d assume these people bought evolve, so are founders technically, played a few months and have buried it the library untill now.

There’s 40k players on evolve right, more than ever in the history I believe, so ya there’s a ton of newbies on this game, and for somebody like myself who has been playing this game for a year constantly (pub stomping is exactly what it is)

True I might come off as “crass”, but when I see a comment like delete wraith untill it’s fixed seems “stupid” to me…


If you were around at the last launch, it wouldn’t seem so stupid. Wraith (and then kraken for a good long while) drove away a lot of players. Also, if you have a look, the devs think there is a problem with wraith too.


I’ve been around since the original beta and launch… Also I watch Cory’s (TRS-insane) stream last night for hours where they discussed Wraith, so I’m aware of what they are fixing base on that, they feel the cooldown is a little too short right now… But also dismissed every comment in that chat room of it being OP


That’s cool. But I’ve posted some about this a lot already and don’t want to repeat myself too much, so the highlights of my argument:

  • Not all the players currently playing hunter are new (though likely most are inexperienced)
  • Not all new players are bad, or aren’t familiar with complex FPSes
  • Not all monster players are experienced or good… probably most aren’t (when using deductive reasoning that most current players are new)
  • Some monster players have 40+ win streaks. These are likely the experienced ones, but it seems less probable that sheer skill gets them 40+ wins without losing a single round. This suggests something’s “wrong” with the character, since they all seem to be playing Wraith when getting 20-40 win streaks and beyond.


I hope its a nerf or a ability which need a little bit more skill than just one button press :wink:


It seems that the game has capped at 50k today.


That’s awesome! It’s great to see this amazing game getting its dues


It’s like another 10k per day!
Also, in relation to wraith, has anybody encountered a skywraith in stage two? I’ve heard word of a few croping up.


I hear you, and really don’t disagree at all with that… I just watched 2 new people of evolve on twitch (solo Q’d) play against wraith, both games were Hunter wins… I’ve watched stealth shampoo and his Hunter squad beat every wraith they experience… Also I believe kaisertim was online playing with TRS Dev and a pup as wraith, and also lost… I don’t think this monster is OP at all