Disable class change when in fresh lobbys


It’s incredibly frustrating to be put into lobbies only to made to use a class that was down on the list, I’ve had 6 different lobbies in a row where I’ve had my 5th choice and my 3rd choice, this I can only assume is because people get into lobbies and decide to change what class they would like to use which is what is completely making this whole “pick your prefered class” completely useless.

Open up the selection again once all players have participated in the match sure, but as soon as someone leave and it starts searching again then disable it just before they join.

Most likely a useless suggestion but I’d just like something to be done about it, 24k people on steam and for the life of me I just keep getting thrown into “in-progress” matches into a choice that was most likely down on the list.


Hey, MM is trying. You’re just out of luck right now - get a friend to play with and it’ll fix itself.


It’s a matter of 2 or more people sharing the same #1 priority. It will flip a coin to decide which of you gets it then it will assign you your #2 if lost unless someone has that as their #1 and repeats until it finds your slot.


It would be nice if they would remove being put into ongoing matches. If people drop out then just let the rest play with bots.

I think I have only had two matches where it was a fresh start.


So i usually ask anyone if they want to try a round with whatever class I’m using. Usually someone wants to trade!


I personally take that request as “I don’t want to play ____, switch with me please”.


This situation where you drop into a game at the point of picking roles seems very rare, I haven’t had the pleasure of it yet infact.

Let’s say I had medic as 1st and someone else did too, and they got medic. I would get my 2nd which is ok. Then the guy decides to leave in lobby. Ok now I have a choice to take medic rightfully, or keep my 2nd. Your solution makes this a problem.

The preferred role choices only apply at the Lobby to Role Selection screen. An option for “re-rolling” the roles would be a nice addition however.

I’d agree with the fact that there is too many in-progress matches being matched. However as a monster I don’t want the game to devolve into me vs. 4 bots.

I think as time goes on there will be less people dropping games (purposefully or not) and therefore less games in-progress.


To be fair you’re at role/class/character selection for only 2 minutes at most and your average game is about 13 minutes long. It’s not hard to see why it’s rare to end up on that screen.


Right so why is this an issue is where I’m getting at. You’ll drop into more games than lobbies and still not have your first choice.


Hey, the way I figure there has got to be a lot of people like you who aren’t getting their first choice or are tired of the 6th game in a row as medic so I ask. What’s the worst that happens, I have to play as trapper?


I’m not the one complaining about not getting my first choice.

And when people ask if others want to play their role, I usually volunteer because I feel like they’re saying “I’m tired of ____, someone else play it”. I don’t have any real desire to play ____, I just do it so you’ll shut up.