Direct hits help

so what are direct hits exactly is it where you have to hit points on a monster which val and laz have put on or is it just shoot it while touching it I want to know this since I’m almost done with elite buckets UVA and turrets but I just want to know what I have to do for the launcher

Basically you just hit the monster with a rocket directly (so damage from the AOE of the rockets don’t count). It’s really easy.

thanks so much also does it count if I hit minions or eggs?

I don’t think so, I think the challenge is worded: ‘‘Get 390 direct hits on the monster’’. So it only counts on the monster. If the challenge would be worded: ‘‘Get 390 direct hits’’ it would’ve counted on eggs and minions.

I have the elite skin for every hunter, so if you want to know effective ways to farm anything, let me know!

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well I have just finished the UVA with bucket but do you have any tips for the missile launcher? just do evac and shoot the monster loads?

Play defend bot games. Make sure you go against Kraken (moves slow in battle, so is easy to hit). You should get the missile launcher elite in like 2-3 solo defend games. Also take the reload speed perk.

that is exactly what I have been doing but I used goliath

… I really did just reply to myself didn’t I

It doesn’t really matter, but with Kraken it may be a little bit easier to land direct hits.

Yep xD



79 more to go :smiley:

Thank you very much I thought a direct hit was hitting a Medic marker cause thats the only time I’ve really seen it come up

I did it DHZ I got bucket elite skin :smiley:

Congratz man!

It seems to easy with just hitting the monster, an elite challenge for having decent aim? Seems weird, but hey, easy skin I’ll take it