Digital Arena (A story by Max played out as a RP)


In a world where everything is digital the only thing we have to fear are hackers. Hackers can do anything! They can make things, erase things, even kidnap you and erase your existence even if you are still alive! I only know this cause my dad is one. He has a sadistic sense of humor and he likes to watch people fight each other. He created the Digital Arena. A place where he has his “lawmaker” steal children raise them to at least 14 and have them fight each other. He makes them believe that my dad is good and that there is nothing wrong with this. Everything here is fake even the food. While it has everything you need to live it has no taste and it is just a clear blob. Look I don’t know you and I don’t know who you used to be either. Whether you broke laws or you were just a baby that was stolen I know that everyone deserves a second chance. Even I want to escape this hellhole. I have a plan but I am not going to say it just play along with my dad. Don’t make him angry either I am tired of seeing people my age die. This pain I have will last forever but you don’t have it. I will make sure each and every one of you will feel freedom once more.

#Chapter 1: Jynx
As Lucas woke up he heard his dad. “Oh no” he thought to himself as he rushed. He knew if he wasn’t there that his dad wouldn’t let the loser live. He tried to open the doors but they were locked. “You son of a bitch” he said to himself as he walked back and started to break down the door. At the arena Jeremy was announcing to a holographic crowd that it was time to test the combatants. “Ladies and gentlemen!” he started “Today is the day where we finally test our combatants! As you know this place takes a lot of skill to live in!”. The fake crowd goes wild. “So here we have one of our strongest monsters!” he said sound proud of himself. A big winged creature walks in. Its wings were clipped so it couldn’t fly away. It was covered in fur and had electric spikes sticking out of it. Horns poking out of its head. It roared like a tiger and electricity went everywhere causing its fur to stick up. The fur was green and brown. “I call it the eliger!” he said as the fake crowd cheered once more.

“Now let’s see our combatant!” Jeremy shouted with excitement. Back in the cells the Lawmaker walked up. “Your up Jynx” the lawmaker said with the same bland smile. Before he could react The Lawmaker grabbed him by the collar and threw him into an elevator. “Good luck!” it shouted at him. The elevator went at fast speeds making him fall to the ground. He felt sick as he reached the top. The doors opened and the wall pushed him out of the elevator. “Our combatant is jynx!!” Jeremy shouted and the fake crowd once again cheered. “3, 2, 1, FIIIIGHT!!” Jeremy said as Lucas broke down the door and rushed to the balcony. “What did I miss” he said acting like he was excited. His father sighed knowing there would be no bloodshed now. “Nothing yet” he said. The beast saw Jynx and it crouched and started approaching him. jynx uses magnetic energy to stand himself up. He looks around and laughs at the eliger. “Is the best you can do? An energy beast? Consider it dead already.” he shouted. Jynx draws his M870. He prepares magnetic energy to launch himself up and over the beast. With lightning fast reflexes the Eliger pounced him. It releases electronic shocks into his body and then tosses him. Jynx gets up and launches himself onto the things back and empties a shell into the back of its head. It lets out a screech and tries to shake him off. After a few attempts it does so.

Jynx uses the tiny amount of fear he had at the beginning of the fight to overload the eligers brain with fear then, while it’s overwhelmed by the amplified fear, he pumps two shells into its side. It lets out another screech and then it hits Jynx with its tail. It then pounces on Jynx starting to rip his fragile arm off it gets half way before. “STOP!” Lucas shouts. “What is it son?” Jeremy asks. Lucas pushes a button on the table and the Eliger disappears. “Times up and Jynx had more health therefor he wins!” he said hoping his dad wasn’t watching the time to know that he was lying. “Damn alright” Jeremy said clapping his hands making the fake crowd disappear then walking off. “Good job mate” the lawmaker said swinging Jynx over his shoulder. He then takes Jynx to the medical arm to get his arm healed. Jynx had never seen the medical arm. It was full of random vials full of weird liquids and a bunch of needles. The Lawmaker grabs a huge needle and walks towards Jynx. “This’ll only hurt a little bit” it said walking closer. “About two to three hours to be exact” it said. Jynx nods hoping he could use his powers to force the pain onto the Lawmaker. It puts something on Jynx’s head nullifying his powers and then he gives him the shot. Pain rushes through Jynx’s body. He tried to focus it on the Lawmaker but it didn’t work. “That’ll nullify your power for a bit and heal ya arm” it said putting some bandages on it. “Now c’mon” it said. It led him back to his cell and pushed him in there locking the cell. “Rest up mate you’re gonna need it” it said walking off. Jynx can see someone walking down the hall and hiding when they see the Lawmaker. It gets closer to see a kid close to his age. “Hey” Lucas said handing him some real food. “Sorry I called a little too late and you got hurt” he said looking down.

Josh takes the food. “What? You think i couldn’t handle it, Lucas?” he said. “A little pain never hurt anyone.” he says with a grin. “And if i died… well, at least I’d be out of this hellhole.” Josh said looking down. Lucas rubs his arm. “I will figure out a way to get us all out of here I promise” he said. “You just need to give me a little time…” he said looking down once more. “Time? You want time? Time is the one thing we don’t have.” Josh said bitterly. He looks down again and looks upset. “Lucas where are you?!” Jeremy shouts. “I uh gotta go” he said. “Just hold on and play with my dads little game I promise everything will turn out well!” he said running off. “Til next time, son of the monster” Josh said. Josh could hear them talking down the hall. “You better not be feeding those slaves again” Jeremy said. “Dad they’re people too they don’t deserve this treatment…” Lucas said. He could then hear his dad beating on Lucas. “Don’t do it again you hear me?” Jeremy said with anger in his voice. “Y-Yes yes I am sorry” Lucas said crying. They can then both be heard walking off. Josh shakes his head. “There’s hope, but it is dying” he thought to himself. He sits down, eats the food, and starts making more ammo for his weapons.

#Chapter 2: Sapphire
The lawmaker Dragged Sapphire in she was struggling as usual. It caught Jynx’s attention but he didn’t really care so he went back to what he was doing. “Your test is up pretty” it said with the bland smile. It tossed her into the elevator. It pushed her out. She looked around to see Lucas and Jeremy on the balcony. “Release the Moltenvian!” Jeremy shouted. The fake crowd cheered as water filled the arena. A huge creature swam out as you can see the shadow. It surfased and looked at Sapphire. It was red and silver it had scales and four flippers and a large spiny tail. Its head was that of a T-rex. The water started to boil when it roared. It started to swim fast towards Sappire.
Name: Moltenvian
Allias: Lava Swimer
It prefers lava but it can swim in the water. It is at a constant hot temperature and water boils when it touches the beast. It stores Lava in a organ located in its back and can shoot lava at will due to this organ. It has a bunch of scale layers and if need be it can shoot scales at its prey. Its jaws can crush almost anything and its tail and knock over an elephant without effort.

Sapphire growls in anger pulling out her hand cannons. The beast lunges at her spewing hot lava. Sapphire dodges and fires at the beasts tail. It turns and hits her far away with its tail. Sapphire stands back up and shoots electricity at the beast. They hit the beast and it yelps. It then fires scales at lightning fast speed at her. It cuts her cheek. She grunts in anger once more and shoots it straight in the brain. “Lucky shot” Lucas said under his breath. It screams and floats up. “Damn I thought that it wouldn’t die that fast” Jeremy said. Lucas gives her a thumbs up and puts them down before his dad sees. The water drains and the Lawmaker comes and throws her into her cell. “Sleep tight” it said walking off leaving Josh and Karin alone. “Fucking asshole” Karin said. “What are you in here for?” Josh said. He then laughs bitterly at his own joke. Karin didn’t even give him a pity laugh. “That’s none of your concern” she said walking over to the corner and sitting down. “Oh what makes you so special we both know why were are here for that mans sadistic humor” he said brash. “I never said I was special…” she said looking down. “Ugh look I am not in the mood to talk right now” she said. “Well neither am I, I haven’t even seen her in three days” Josh said bitterly. He then turns around and tries to get some sleep. Sapphire plays with her knife all night.

#Chapter 3: The first fight
"Sir he may not be ready to fight" the Lawmaker said. “Do I look like I fucking care about their lives?” Jeremy said. “I want a good fight and I want one now!” he shouted at the lawmaker. “Yes sir” it said walking off. “Issac, Josh you’re up” it said unlocking both their cells and leading them to the elevator. Issac nods and holds out his hand to Josh. Josh gets up and scoffs at the gesture. “Just trying to be friendly” Issac said putting his hand down. “We’re going to be killing each other” Josh said. “Or we could team up against something, you never know” Issac said hoping what he said was true. They get up to the field. “Welcome to our first REAL FIGHT!” Jeremy shouted. The crowd goes wild. “Two of our trained people going one on one!” he said with excitement. Jeremy spins a wheel. “And the battlefield is volcano!” he said as lava starts forming around them. “HAHAHA I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY SEE BLOODSHED!” he shouted. Issac draws his sword, Jynx pulls out his Deagle he then uses the heat to raise himself off the ground. Jynx fires a round at Issac using the heat to make Issac not want to dodge. Issac then blocks it with his sword. Jynx makes the heat collapse in on Issac. Issac lets out a gasp as the heat energy collapses on him, it takes him second to get his breath “Well that’s not a nice trick” he said. Issac jumps over a lava river, and pulls out his bow and looses half a dozen regular arrows at Jynx. Jynx blocks 5 of the arrows with heat, but one slips thru and hits him in the shoulder. He stares at it for a moment, before laughing and breaking the arrows haft. “Is that all you got? It’s quite pitiful if it is.” he laughed. Issac laughs with him. “My turn” Jynx said, “Be my guess” Issac responds. Using the magnetic energy of the earth, Jynx amplifies the pull on Issac’s arrows, pulling them through the bottom of his quiver to the ground. Not very damaging health wise, but extremely damaging equipment wise. “That’s not nice” Issac said he then rolls up his sleeve, revealing his secret wrist mounted arrow holder, he selects a explosive arrow and puts it on his bow and he shoots it at Jynx. Jynx side steps the arrow, pulls out his shotty, then uses the energy from the blast to launch himself towards Issac and launch a shell up close. Issac readies his sword, and activates his shield to block the shots, then he quickly slashes at Jynx as he flies past him. Blocking the slash with his shotgun, Jynx slows and stops. Quickly pumping out 2 shots at Issac, he dashes at him to stab him in the leg with the bayonet. Once there, Jynx pulls the trigger to put a shell in Issac’s leg. Issac blocks most of the shells buts takes one shell in his leg, and goes down onto the knee where the he got shot. He grunts in pain. Issac quickly in pain grabs the poison arrow off his wrist mount and stabs Jynx’s shoulder with it. Jynx uses the pain that both he and Issac feels to overload Issac’s mind. He raises the shotgun to stab the bayonet into into Issac’s throat to finish the fight. An explosion can be heard in the distance. Issac and Josh look up and see Lucas hiding some sort of control device. “God damn it Lawmaker!” Jeremy said running off.

Lucas pushed a button and a door opened. “Hurry both of you get in, you will be safe in there no one knows it exists!” he said ushering them to run inside. Jynx pauses, then laughs. “I can’t… She still isn’t here yet. I doubt you’d get her out. She’s his only leverage against me. I have to stay.” he said. Issac comes out of blacking out “You might need to help me…” he said. Issac then stabs his sword into the ground and uses it to push himself up “We will figure that out later, we will help you.” Issac said stumbling to stand. “I can’t go down my dad will know” he said. “Jynx don’t be a lovers fool help Issac into the cave this is just step one of our fight for freedom!” he shouted at Josh. “No can do. If I leave, she will be tortured. I must stay” he said. “well if you stay here you will die! that won’t help her either!” Issac said. “I don’t matter.” Josh said. “Bloody hell Josh get in there we will find this “she” later!” he shouted messing his hair up in anger. Jynx laughs again this time more bitter. “Well if you don’t care if you die, she will!” Issac said. “He won’t kill me. I’m probably his best fighter. We made a deal awhile back. Me and him.” Josh said." well that posion in you is killing you man, only i know the antidote, i specailly made it" Issac said. “If I fight for him, she lives and I’ll live.” Josh said. “My dad has wanted to get rid of you from the start” he said. “He called you a waste of space and breath” he said. Footsteps can be heard. “HURRY UP!” he shouted. “If you don’t get in there I will personally tell her you were a foolish man who was in love” he said. Before Josh can say anything Issac knocks him out and drags him into the hidden room. “Father father!” Lucas could be heard everywhere due to how loud he was. “What is is Lucas?” his father spat out not even looking at him. “T-The people father they just disappeared!” he said. Jeremy got a suprised look and run to go check for himself. “Lawmaker have the drones scout the area” Jeremy said. “Yes sir” it said turning around and walking out.

#Chapter 4: The Jailbreak
In the middle of the night

Lucas woke himself up to see the drones still walking around. “Damn guess we may have to fight our way through this” he said to himself as he walked towards the cells. “First thing is first I have to try to get her cooperation” he said walking to an unknown cell that didn’t even have windows. Lucas opened the door and walked into the room to see a woman chained to the ground. “Stiletto?” he said hoping she was still alive after all it has been months since he last checked up on her. The woman stands motionless in her cell, chained to the floor even though they were not needed. She rarely moved and when she did it was to stretch in poses similar to ballet poses. Upon Lucas entering the room she only remained in her static stance, as if awaiting an order. “Stiletto can we talk?” he asked. Lucas snaps his fingers hoping to get a reaction. She only looks at him, her visor covers her eyes and her face is devoid of any sort of emotion. “Look I want to help you and everyone here go to freedom and live their life” he thinks for a moment then holds out a key. “Will you help me?” he asks. He stands and waits. “Oh right, Stiletto mission name Fight for freedom proceed with Lucas for further information” he said. She nods solemnly and goes to approach him, but her chains stop her as she looks down. Lucas unlocks the chains. “Okay we need to get out of here” he said. Looking around. He waved his hand over her visor. “Override code to abandon mission is 0593” he said. Lucas opens the door. “we need to get food for the others” he said. “Can you cover me Stiletto I am not the best at fighting” he turned to ask. She follows him and stays vigilant. Lucas opens the door to the secret area and walks in with a bunch of water bottles and bread. “I couldn’t find medicine sorry gu-” he was cut short by noticing they were sleeping. “Stiletto sleep mode please you will need the rest. Mission will continue in the morning” he said hoping she would rest. She walks over to the corner and leans her head down, while still standing in order to sleep, yet remain ready for combat just in case. Lucas puts a note near the other two so they won’t attack her. “Stiletto if they fight break it up we don’t need a bunch of noise after all this is a stealth mission. Just don’t kill them we need all the people we can get for this one” he said.

The door disappeared as Lucas walked through it to the other side. Karin holds her cross necklace in her hands. Lucas sneaks into the cell room. He approached Eva. “Eva I have come to free you to join our fight for freedom” he said. The room was dimly lit and the candles wavered as the cold wind blew. Lucas shivered he had no coat his father would not give him one no matter how much he begged. “Are you willing to join us?” he asked. “Какие? You want to escape? How?” Eva questioned. Lucas stood there thinking. “I don’t know how we are going to escape but I will not fail my promise to everyone” he said. “Look I have a plan I am not sure how it will go but I need everyone I can get so will you help me?” he asked. Eva looks around, doubting herself. But after a short while “Sure, I’ll help you. What do I need to do?” she said. “Awesome” he said opening the door. “Now we need to go see if sapphire will join us follow me” he said making a gesture to follow. They made their way down the hall. Sapphire was eating some spare food she had saved when they arrived. Lucas quickly had Eva and him hide behind as a drone flew by. “Sapphire will you join us?” he asked. Sapphire remained silent. “We are trying to escape the arena will you join us?” he asked once more. Sapphire gets up and walks to the bars. “If this is some kind of joke I will make you regret it” she said coldly. Lucas backs up. “Sapphire I don’t joke around you because you scare me you know that” he said nervously. “Fine” she said. Lucas unlocks the door. A drone notices Eva out of her cell. An alarm goes off. “Shit” he said grabbing Sapphire and Eva’s arm. “We gotta go” he said trying to pull them away to no avail as Lucas is very weak. Eva pulls away Lucas and runs after him. A bunch of drones surround them. There was to much for them to handle. Lucas let out a cry “Stiletto Protocol 454 mission is compromised need help!”. Lucas stood there unmoving hoping she would hear him. The drones started approaching. Stiletto activates and analyzes her targets. She springs into action, flying at the closest drone, legs cocked and ready to pierce it with her heels. “Guys go fight them stall some time I have to erase the pictures of us off the cameras” he said rushing to a panel. Sapphire fires a massive beam of lighting tearing through some drones. Sapphire then tosses her combat knife through a drones head then runs to it, grabs the knife and kicks the drone sending it flying into other drones. She then pulls out her guns and fires at a group of drones. Jynx wakes up and hears the commotion. Seeing something move, and is surprised to see stiletto dash out of the safe house.

“Guess we’re compromised then.” he said running out, shotgun drawn. He quickly takes down a few drones and launches a shell or two at stiletto. They all hear a huge metallic noise as all the drones seemed to rush out. They all turn around to see the panel Lucas was typing on had turned into a large robotic creature. It had sharp claws, wheels, it was colored silver and black. “Intruders detected” the word blared out. Claws extended and buzzsaws popped out of its chest, the wheels grew spikes and one of its arms grew a flamethrower. The wheels make streaks as it rushed towards them. Lucas jumped out of the way. Eva jumps out of the way and opens fire with her dual SMG’s. Jynx sighs. “Well, guess he knows I was taken now” he said. Sapphire groans in anger and sends out a lightning bolt. Stiletto looks over the situation and goes to flank the creature on the right. It turns and hits Stiletto and Jynx. The thunder gets absorbed into the body and it then launches buzzsaw’s at Sapphire that are super charged. Stiletto doesn’t show any signs of pain as she stands up. It then turns and shoots the flamethrower at Eva. It shouts a bunch of different words including exterminate, kill, die, intruders, trespassers. Eva dodges out of the way, and cloaks away, assessing the situation. The buzzsaw grazes Sapphires arm as she dodges. She then fires at it with her pistols. Jynx takes the hit, then uses the heat energy from the flamethrower to melt a hole in it’s hide. He then pumps a shotty shell into the hole. The machine turns around and hits Jynx away. It then fires missiles at everyone. Lucas tries to dodge but gets hit and goes flying. Jynx switches to his deagle and just starts firing at the things eyes, joints, and the hole he created. The kinetic energy the thing created to hit him he reverses and adds it to his shots to cause more damage. Eva flinches from the shrapnel of the rockets, but presses on anyways. She cloaks, runs in fast and fires off her Typhoon, while unloading magazine after magazine into the sides of the robot. Sapphire aims her guns at the things knees. Clang cling. The noises the thing made we inhuman as it feel to the ground.

It dropped something on the ground. Lucas walked over and picked it up. “A teleportation device?” he questioned why the robot had one. Lucas stuffed it into his pocket. “Alright guys lets go back to the base” he said walking towards it. Sapphire grunts. They all arrive back at the base and Lucas goes and lays down. “My dad will know now so I need to stick with you guys now” he said. “Our next target will be the time gate holder. We need to kill him so we can go back in time just in case one of us dies.” he said. “I know that’s not my dad though” he said. “My dad was very kind I think something happened, maybe some other hacker changed his personality or something” he said thinking. “I am beat I need some sleep” he yawned laying down. Sapphire scoffs and goes to sit in a corner. “что бы ни” Eva said walking to a bunk Eva falls asleep.

Fully Fledged Hunter Ideas 2

#Chapter 5: Ice
Several droids enter a small, unmarked cell in the compound. Sitting inside is a young woman. Her arms are chained to the ground next to her chair. “You are to come with us, Corilyn. Jynx has forfeited your life.” a droid said. “Oh, has he? Alright, release my restraints and I’ll come along.” she said crossing her fingers beind her back. One of the droids releases her restraints. Before it can connect up the force chains, she spins about and slams a fist into its ocular receptor. She draws her scythe and spin slashes the other droids. she then dashes out of her cell making sure to shoot each and every cam she sees. Jeremy pays no heed to Corilyn. He has bigger problems. He now knows that his son is the one who is breaking the prisoners out of their cells. Jeremy went and searched Lucas’s room. He checked every drawer in the dresser, he checked every pocket in all of his pants, he checked all of his shirts in his closet, under the bed, in the bathroom. It was when he noticed a small crack in the wall. Jeremy opened it to find a huge plan. He grinned he now knew how to stop Lucas. Jeremy snapped his fingers and the Lawmaker walked in. “Overpopulate the wildlife zone and put Lucas’s “best friends” in there also” he said crumbling up the paper and tossing it. “Yes buddy” it said walking off. Night struck once more. “Alright guys let’s go” he said. Lucas opened the door and led everyone to some sort of elevator. “Don’t separate guys this place is a maze it took me years to memorize how to get everywhere” Lucas said opening the elevator. They all enter and the elevator drops at a sudden speed. It was going to fast everyone had to hold onto the bars so they wouldn’t fly up. It felt like eternity even though it was only five minutes.

The doors opened to reveal a huge nature reserve like place. “I forgot how beautiful this place was” Lucas said. The air was so fresh it calmed everyone down from that horrible elevator ride. It was filled with what looked like millions of creatures. “So he found out and overpopulated the area” he said. “No problem only a few of these species are carnivorous so as long as we don’t attack they won’t attack us” Lucas said starting to walk forward. Lucas kept on pointing out all of the creatures they saw. Eventually it got annoying and Sapphire threatened him so he went quite. They reached a huge lake. “We just need to cross this lake and then we are at the door” he said. Lucas went to a control panel and pushed a few buttons and a boat came up out of the ground. “Alright let’s go” he said. He walked forward realizing there was not enough space for everyone to fit into a small paddle boat. “I’ll row two at a time and come back, I need some exercise anyways” he said. He pushed the boat into the water. “ZZiiiiirkk!” something cried out. Lucas looked around to see what made the noise. “We better hurry” he said not wanting anyone to get hurt. When they turned around the entire lake started freezing up. “Oh no” he gasped. The air grew cold and it started to snow. Everyone could see their breath now.

A big thud was heard behind them. They turned around to see a giant ice beast. It stood on eight legs, its eyes were frozen over but it could move them, in fact its entire head was frozen over with ice. It had cracks on the ice where its mouth was, it had icicles sticking out under it, wings made of pure ice. They could see a humanoid figure covered in ice near its stomach. It started hailing when it roared at the group. “черт побери!” Eva yelled opening fire with her twin SMG’s. Jynx just sighs. he starts popping it with his deagle while running erratically around the ice beast. Sapphire surrounds herself with electricity. Lucas is trying to intervene but no one seems to listen to him. The bullets bounce off the ice the beast then lifts up its tail which opens and shoots out a huge amount of icicles hitting everyone except Lucas. A figure appears. She runs up to the beast and swings what looks to be a scythe at it. The scythe glows a dark black, and the beast is soul striked. Sapphire gathers a bunch of electricity in her body. Jynx gets slammed by the icicles. Looking up at the new arrival and grins, both glad she’s here and relieved she’s alive. “That’s my girl” he said still grinning. Eva is blasted back by the icicles, but her dermal armor aug does its jobs and prevents any major damage. Just before she was blasted back she activated her typhoon aug, so that did at least hit the monster. Issac readies and shoots a fire arrow at the beasts knee, and then slowly walks over to Lucas. “You know anything important about this beast that we should know?” he asked. Sapphire then releases the electricity in one big all at the beast.

“It’s just that-” Lucas gets interrupted by Issac being hit with the beasts tail. The electricity hits the beast and a mans scream can be heard inside. A giant tornado comes and sweeps everyone but Lucas up. Lucas jumps onto the beast and rubs behind its ear. Suddenly it sits down and it starts panting like a dog. “Good boy I don’t need protection buddy these guys are friends” Lucas said. “Uh guys this is Incharnia” he said. "He didn’t mean to hurt you guys he thought you were attacking me. “Hmmm, why is there a guy inside of your pet?” Issac asked. Eva raises a eyebrow. “You… you mean that thing was your… pet?” she asked. “сука” she said under her breath. “Uhhh yeah” he said. “He used to be a dog but my dad wanted another “guard” for me” he said. Lucas turned around now noticing the figure. “What did the terrible man make you eat now?” he said opening the beasts mouth and diving inside to pull the figure out. Issac looked confused. Lucas crawls out with a man. “Ugh my dad knows you can’t eat this stuff so he does it to annoy me!” he said to himself. Sapphire sighs. He coughs some kind of blue liquid. “Ugh that thing is disgusting, anyway, where am i now?” he says checking for his earbuds, when he finds them he starts shaking off come of the remaining liquid off of him. He looks around to see a group of people, they seemed very intimidating. Eva raises a eyebrow “how did you get stuck in that… thing?” she asked. “Yes!, thats a great question, How the fuck did i get stuck in that thing… I wish i would know myself, Unfotrunetly all i remember was a guy knocking me out, huh, Ironic” he said looking around. “My dad probably tried to feed you to my pet” he said. “He can’t really eat things that are hot though he can only eat ice” Lucas said annoyed that his father would do such a thing. “So in your fathers eyes I am ice cold? Savage” he said feeling defeated. “No he does it to annoy me and waste my time” he said. “So wait,” He chuckled “how did that thing eat my fire mixtape aswell?” He says pointing at a disc inside the see through stomach.

Lucas looked confused the “mixtape” was not on fire. Incharnia coughed up this “fire” mixtape. Lucas handed the man his “fire” mixtape which was still not on fire “This what you were looking for?” he asked. “Yeah, so what do i Cough we do now?” he says looking around and fixing his hair. “Well the lake is frozen over now due to my friend so we can just walk over it” he said walking over to make sure the ice was solid. “After that we should be able to the Time Zone” he said starting to walk over. “Then we can defeat the Time Gate Gaurd” he said. Lucas then slipped and fell on his back. “ay man, you alright?” Matt said sliding around as if on skates. “Yeah” he said standing up and then falling down again. “No” he said embarrassed. He slides over and pulls him up “Maybe try to keep your balance next time” he says chuckling. Lucas sat down and just slide himself across the ice instead of trying to walk across it. Eva, slipping and sliding, carefully makes her way over the ice. Her leg augs however aren’t build for it, and she falls onto the ice with a loud bang, the sound of metal colliding with ice. “дерьмо́!” she shouted as she fell. Lucas gave a little chuckle. Eva whispers “муда́к”.


#Chapter 6: Time

There they are they finally arrive at the Time Zone. Once they enter they are felt with a rush of cold air. Everyone suddenly becomes very old then reverts back to normal. There were numbers floating everywhere and portals to diffrent times. It confused everyone. Lucas went over to stare at one with a girl and a dragon with no eyes fighting a giant monster, he got confused as these were in no history books perhaps this was the future of this world? He didn’t think to much about it. They approached a huge gate it had a redish blueish portal in the center. The air grew cold once more and everyone aged and turned back to normal. “The time gate” lucas said in awe. Incharnia turned into a dog all of a sudden it was a gold retriver it barked the it returned to normal. Lucas’s clothes changed to a bright and happy color then turned back to the dull grey color. Lucas turned around. “We need to destroy this so we can go back in time if one of us dies” he said looking determained. They all look around to see a statue of a giant hulking creature with red and blue armor. It is mostly humanoid but it has wings, horns, and three legs along with four arms. The bottom two hold a sword and a shield the top hold giant hulking axes. “This place is a lot bigger than on the maps dad had” he said. “No where did it say there was a statue there” he said as he put his hand on it to feel it.

Suddenly the ground shacked and Lucas fell back into Stiletto. The stone cracked revealing that it was not a stone but a creature. “I AM THE ALMIGHTY TIME GATE GUARDIAN WHO GOES THERE?” it boomed. It looked down to see Lucas. “THE TRAITOR!” it boomed “MASTER WOULD BE HAPPY IF I BROUGHT YOU IN!”. It reached down to grab Lucas but Stiletto stabbed him in the hand. “YOU DARE DEFY ME?! THEN FACE MY WRATH!” it shouted slowly getting into a battle stance. “Cmon guys we can do this” Lucas said. “Oh yeah!” Matt suddenly shouted out as he slapped his robotic arm, it glowed Light blue, and so did his eyes. He took a running stance and started dashing all around the place, his bluish shadow was appearing around the giants legs, he was punching every single part of them. “Take that fucker!” he shouted. He dashed around them and tried to keep their spirits up “That’s one hell of a guardian, i bet it will take a lot of time to kill him” he said laughing at his own pun. Eva cloaks, and runs behind the thing. She jumps up and lands on it’s back, all the while shooting it’s ‘head’. Issac readies his bow and shoots 5 of his explosive arrows at the guardians face. Sapphire surges electricity through her pistols and waits for a good shot. It roars in anger as it tosses Eva off of it. It stumbles back as it gets the arrows to the face. It falls on Sapphire and Lucas helps her out. Issac enters eagle eye vision and shoots 2 arrows one at each of the eyes. Matt starts running up floating pieces or time, as if they were platforms, when he is near its shoulders he jumps up, slamming. his arm on the robotic arm. His eyes glow red as he himself turns into a muscled version of himself. “TAKE!..” he screams while slamming his fists on the thing shoulder and jumping down on one of the guards feet “THAT, you asshole…”. He prepares for another switch. Sapphire then shoots at the things ankles. It groans as it holds its eyes when the bullets hit its ankles it fall to the ground. Suddenly everyone turns young and then turns back to normal. “You fools you will disrupt time!” it shouted. “We won’t believe your lies go Incharnia go!” Lucas shouted and Incharnia jumped into battle. Eva slammed into a floating wall, but quickly recovers, and runs circles around the guardian, firing off her typhoon aug. Suddenly the area glows red as the guardian stands up. “RRRRAGH!” it shouted. Multiple explosions can be heard. It then grabs Matt and throws him into the ground then stomping on him. It then turns around and slams Eva into a wall with its shield. Issac was tossed back and had to hold onto a cliff to not fall into some lake of time. Stiletto tried to uphold the mission but it broke off her arm and legs. Sapphire was stomped into the ground as it walked to grab Lucas one more. Jynx and Cori tried to help but it just swatted them away like flies. “You shouldn’t have done this little boy now all your pitiful friends are dead” it said. Lucas looked around in fear. Everything he worked so hard for. Everyone who helped him. Gone. No this can’t be he still has one person. “Incharnia now!” he shouted. Incharnia howled and it sounded like a beautiful song. Suddenly Everyone felt a sudden urge of strength. Everything that was injured was healed. The guardian grabbed Lucas. “How beautiful its howl is” it said not noticing everyone getting up. “Your friends were useless and so are you I don’t know how you could make it this far but I am ending it” the guardian said opening its mouth about to drop Lucas in. Incharnia howled once more and the moon came out to play it buffed everyone’s attack power. Incharnia then tackled the guardian and catching Lucas. Eva, rejuvenated, cloaks away and runs around the guardian. She then uncloaks, and opens fire at the guardians’ back. It turned to hit Eva but Incharnia freezes him. Taking the opportunity Cori soul strikes the foe dealing heavy damage. Eva jumps onto Incharnia and jumps off onto the guardians head she then shoots his eyes. Issac pulls back his bow waiting for the perfect opportunity, Sapphire stands gathering as much electricity as she can. Stiletto runs over and cuts off one of his legs. Jynx shoots the other knee causing it to fall over. Issac was focusing with so much energy his bow is on fire with a radiant glow he found the opportunity and shoots right at the eye. The arrow splits into a cluster of exploding arrows it blows off his face mask revealing no face at all. Matt has a new disc he puts it in and his energy grows. The guardian tries to get up but Matt is already over there in a flash. He kicks the back making the beast go flying. “GOOOOAL!” he shouts. Jynx and Cori both fire at the guardian.

It grabs some kind of clay and puts it on the wounds which heal. Issac grunts as he loads another arrow waiting for the second perfect opportunity. Eva activates overcharged typhoon sending a barrage of huge missiles. Matt jumps on one and touches it with the new music ability making it even more powerful. Stiletto jumps on another one to get closer. The missiles hit making it fall of a cliff. It climbs back up grunting in anger. Sapphire gains a new ability. A giant tornado sucks up the beast tossing it. Another perfect shot, Issac releases another arrow that splits into multiple explosive arrows. Cori and Jynx gain a combo ability which they used. Out of dark energy and hope they formed a giant sword that stabbed the beasts chest. Stiletto runs over and jumps onto the Guardian she stabs right through it. Lucas jumps onto Incharnia and they both glow bright blue. “GO NOW!” Lucas said. Incharnia grows long spikes. It flies up high and then flies right through the guardian with speeds surpassing any know speed. “RRAAAAH!” it said as it fell to its knees. “I underestimated you…” it said. “My apologies” it said. “I have no strength left which means one thing…” it said looking down at them all. “I just wanted to make my master feel happy again” it said as it glitched out of existence. Lucas gave a puzzled look that was out of no where nor did it really matter. He went over and pressed a button. A small cube came out and Lucas attached it to the portal device. “We did it” he said smiling. The energy disappeared and so did their new powers. Lucas pulled out a map. “We need to get rid of the Lawmaker now” he said looking back up. Jynx glares at Lucas then he says “later”. “What?” Lucas asked. “Later” Jynx said annoyed Lucas didn’t understand him. “We all just died and came back to life and you expect us to walk on without thinking about this?” he asked. “I uh uh I” Lucas stuttered. Cori handed him a small box. “If you need us just open the box” she said. Cori opens her pocket dimension and they both hop inside. Lucas confused just sets the box on Inchimia he then shrugs. “Is everyone else ready?” he asked. Everyone nods.

#Chapter 7: Controlled
They arrive at some huge mansion. “This is it” Lucas said. “This is where we will find my dad and the lawmaker” he said. Lucas walked over to the door and typed in a passcode. The doors opened and they entered. For what seemed like hours they finally arrived at another door. Lucas let out a cold sweat he didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know what to say. The door opened slowly to reveal that he was standing there. “I know how to get you all out” it said with the bland smile. Lucas was shocked. The lawmaker while a really nice guy followed his dads orders this was something… new

“Follow me if you want to escape” it said turning around and opening a hidden door. They follow but keep their guard up. “Lucas I remeber when I first met you” he said. “You were so young yet you had such a big brain. You knew geometry at the age of eight” he said. “Sapphire you were always my favorite of the entire group” he said. “You worked hard for what you wanted Jeremy wanted you gone because you couldn’t fight at first” he said. “So I trained you to fight and you learned so fast” he said sighing remebering that she hated him. “Issac… well there wasn’t much about you other than I was impressed how fast you learned archery, Jynx you know Cori wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for me. Jeremy planned on going back on his promise with you to make you fight harder or die. I convinced him not to, and I was suppoesed to kill her but I sent weak drones so she could escape” he said. “Stiletto I don’t know what Jeremy did to you but I know once you are free all of your memories will come back and you can act normal again. I messed with the brain washing to make sure of this.” he said turning around. He noticed Matt. “I don’t know who you are but Jeremy seemed annoyed with you so he told me to feed you to Lucas’s pet” he said.
They reached a door and the lawmaker turned around. “This is where Jeremy lives” he said “but this is also how you get out”. “Jeremy won’t let you out without a fight” he said a tear forming in his eye. He let out a nervous laugh and pulled out his knife which was now a sword. “I wish I didn’t have to fight the people I love” he said. A small bug could be seen in his skull. “But I can’t even control my own body now” he said. “All I can do is talk” he said. “I wish it didn’t have to end this way” he started to cry. “It’s either me or you let’s go” he shouted. “Guys aim for the small bug!” Issac shouted aiming his bow. Everyone tries to hit the bug but to no avail the Lawmaker is to strong for them to get close. Incharmia tackled from behind knocking off the bug. The lawmaker started to scream and the ground below cracked. The bug screeched and what looked like a million of the bugs swarmed all over him. “Oh god dad what have you done?” Lucas asked himself.

It stood up to show that the Lawmaker was no more it was some freak of nature it didn’t look human at all. “nuR esaelP” The Lawmakers was somehow still in there. It let out a screech that hurt everyone’s ears and it ran straight for Lucas. Lucas flinched scared. “Stiletto” he let out in fear. “ARH FUCKING HELL” Matt screamed as his ears were blasted with the noise, his enchanced hearing from S mode was not helping. It grabbed Lucas and the bugs started swarming onto him. He screamed in fear. Eva too falls to the ground, paralyzed by the sudden noise. Sapphire’s anger flares. Sparks begin to fly off her. She then fires electrified bullets. The bugs swarm around making the bullets hit Lucas. He goes flying.
He is full of cuts and bruises. He is now also burnt severely due to Sapphire. The creature turns and laughs. “Looks like your only way out is gone now” it said. The Spider creatures start coming from the walls. “I will gladly kill you first Sapphire” it said. “nuR erihppaS” the Lawmakers voice said. “Whatever” she said. Lucas starts to stand up but falls again.

In Lucas’s mind

“Oh honey don’t worry Mommy will be okay” a womans voice said. “But Mom dad hurt you” Lucas said. “Don’t worry honey soon me and you will be far away from him” she said. “But I want to give you something” she said handing him part of a cross necklace. “When mommy fought in a war this helped me” she said. She handed the other piece to a golden retriever. “Yours symbolizes Brave and Incharmia’s symbolizes power” she said. “But mom” he said but was cut off by here putting her finger on his lips. “Shhhh everything will be okay” she said.

The words echoed in Lucas’s mind.

Lucas stood up. He looked at the beast. “Bravery” he said to himself putting out the necklace. He stared at it hard. It was a golden shield with black and white. It glowed slightly and he looked to see Incharnia rubbing against him. He looked up once again at the beast. “I WON’T LOSE TO YOU NOT NOW NOT EVER” he shouted as he sprinted towards the beast. It turned around to see Lucas had some kind of golden sword with black and white highlights. Lucas had stabbed it into the beasts chest. It screamed in fear as the the white highlights glowed.

He pulled the sword off and did some slash causing all the bugs to run off. The Lawmaker fell down full of cuts. “Lawmaker!” Lucas said running up to him. He stood up “Lucas thank you” he said. He started to glitch out. “Lawmaker” he said. “Oh looks like my time is up. It was fun while it lasted” he said. “Lucas your father has been possessed by an evil symbol” he said. “Don’t blame him for any of this it’s not really him doing t.h.i.s” he faded from existence. Lucas fell to his knees. He couldn’t save him. Lucas stood up.

#Chapter 8: Fight for freedom

“Alright guys this is it” he said. Lucas pushed open the door to reveal that it was the battle arena. “Wha?” Lucas was cut off. “I knew you would come back” Jeremy said. “So I prepared for this!” he shouted. Monsters fill the room. “FIGHT OR DIE ON OUR LAST SHOW!!!” he shouted as the crowd cheered. Jeremy looks at Matt confused. He then remembers and laughs to himself. The beasts turn unaffected by the screech the only thing Matt did was draw a lot of attention. They all surround our hero’s. “Looks like you’re all gonna die tonight” he said laughing. Incharmia and Lucas turned to each other. “Now” Lucas said. Incarmia let out a load roar and Lucas held up his necklace. Lucas had armor on now and Incharmia did too. “Dad if you want this to be the “best show” you have ever had then we will gladly make it so” Lucas said. Eva, feeling a sudden rush of power surge through her, starts quickly running between the monsters, continiously firing her Typhoon and SMG’s together. Lucas jumped on Incharmia and they take out most of the monsters. “Go take out the rest I got my dad” he said. Lucas and Incharmia was thrown back by a giant monster. “Alright guys let’s chain attack this guy!” Lucas shouted. Eva lets out her missiles and Matt and Stiletto ride them once more. Issac pulls back his bow. Matt jumps on all the missiles powering them up. Matt backflips off the missiles. They hit the monster causing it to stumble and fall. Issac takes the shot and the Arrow goes right through the monsters arm. “Sapphire now!” Lucas shouted. Sapphire summoned the tornado throwing the beast up. Stiletto jumped up and stabbed through the beast and slamming back down onto the ground. Cori and Jynx were waiting with their sword. They stab the beast and it groans in pain. Lucas does some kind of movement and then puts one of his hands on Incharmia. They fly up and then go right through the beast like before. Then Lucas backflips off of Incharmia and his necklace glows one more. A giant sword appears in the sky and Lucas makes a slashing movement and the Sword slams down cutting the beast in half. Jeremy stands up angry. “WHAT THE HELL YOU WERE ALL SUPPOSED TO DIE!” he shouted in anger. “Sorry dad but we want freedom” Lucas said. Jeremy grumbles in anger as he pushes a few buttons. “Freedom ey? Well Freedom only comes from DEATH!” he shouted. Suddenly The area Jeremy was standing on rises up to reveal a giant robot. “This baby is immune to all of your powers” he said as he laughed. “ублюдок… What are we going to do now boss?” Eva asked. Lucas stood there. “I got an idea” he said. “By all means” Issac said. “Yes by all means” Eva agreed. Lucas sits there for a moment thinking. He suddenly disappears and everyone starts to glitch out. Suddenly everyone is back in their cells. “Eva has water powers” Jeremy said. Jeremy kept stating everyone’s powers incorrectly.

They were all back where they were standing with Lucas. “This baby is immune to all of your powers!” Jeremy said as he laughed. “Hey dad?” Lucas said. “What is it?” Jeremy replied. “Since when did Eva control water she fires missiles and stuff” he said smirking. “Wha wha” Jeremy stuttered making the robot back up. “Yeah and Jynx and Cori don’t control Lava, Stiletto can’t make the earthquakes at will, Incharmia isn’t a fire beast, Sapphire doesn’t control stone, and Matt doesn’t have mind powers nor does he like country music” Lucas said. “N-no this is not possible! I wrote everything down correctly!” he shouted. “I kinda changed that” Lucas said. “Just had to go back in time and change the logs” he said once again smirking. “Y-YOU BITCH YOU’RE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER, INTRUSIVE AND DUMB!” he shouted rushing towards Lucas. “AND IF YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME THEN YOUR EVEN DUMBER THAN YOUR MOM!” he shouted once more. “good one! Let’s do this!” Issac said shooting acid arrows from his crossbow that is attached to his sword, and then he readies his sword. Cori and jynx join hands. Jynx launches an overload at jeremys mind, before whipping Cori forward at him for a soul strike. Sapphire runs electricity through her body and increases her speed and power. Jeremy is immune to the mind overload and the Acid arrow hits a joint causing the Mech to fall over. “ARUGH!” he shouted in pain. The Mech starts to get up. “Strike him in the legs!” Issac shouted. Eva lunges forward and punches the joint with all her might. The leg joint falls off. Jeremy groans in anger. Missiles launch of from the Mech. Lucas runs forward and uses his shield to protect everyone. Jeremy has droids fix his Mech and he stands it up. He laughs “this is the final strike!” he said. Missiles go everywhere and Jeremy starts firing lasers from the sky. Lucas tried to shield the beams from everyones but a missile shoots him back. Jynx tries to get back to Cori but they keep getting cut off. Issac keeps running around trying to dodge everything. Eva gets shot back by a missile and hit by a laser damaging her severely. Matt tries to keep running around but was grabbed by the Mech and thrown into the ground. Lucas gets up. “Y-You can’t beat us dad.” he said holding his arm in pain. “Why is that?” he asked as he grabbed Lucas. “W-We have what you don’t” he said. Jeremy laughed “I have everything I want” he said tossing Lucas into the ground. “You don’t have Bravery” he said stumbling to get up. Jeremy looked in disbelief that should have killed Lucas. “Shut up and die already!” he shouted stomping on Lucas. “You don’t have courage or Willpower” Lucas said trying to get up once more. “You don’t have any friends either, you don’t have power” he said as his necklace glowed. Everyone felt a rush of power. Lucas stood up. “I know that’s not you talking dad and I plan on freeing you from whatever is controlling you!” he shouted.

Jynx and Cori form their sword and come from behind stabbing it into the mech. “Wha-What the!” Jeremy said turning around. “We have hope!” Lucas shouted. Eva launched her missiles which drilled into the legs making the mech immobile. “We have courage!” he shouted. Issac launched his an arrow into both arms making them fall off. “We have patience!” he shouted once more. Matt rushed over and kicked off the cockpit. “We have spirit!” he shouted running towards the mech

Stiletto cut off the legs. “We have a mission” he said jumping up. “AND WE HAVE BRAVERY” Lucas shouted cutting into the Mech. A beeping noise can be heard but Lucas ignored it. “Dad please wake up” he said. A bug crawled off of Jeremy’s back and fled. “Lucas? What are we doing here?” Jeremy asked in a lighter tone. “Dad…” Lucas said starting to cry. Their mission was finally over. “Lucas what are we doing in the Arena? What are all these people doing here. Last time I remembered was we were going to make this for beasts to fight each other not people… Then some spider creature attacked me and.” Jeremy was cut off by the beeping getting louder. His eyes shrunk. “It’s okay dad let’s get out of here” he said starting to cut Jeremy out. “This thing’s gonna explode” he said to himself. “What?” Lucas asked. Jeremy suddenly pushed a button launching Lucas away. “DAD!” Lucas shouted realizing what his dad said. He rushed back but then… Gone. Dad is gone now. Freedom always comes with a price doesn’t it?

Lucas turned around to see Incharmia glitching out. “NO!” he shouted rushing over. Freedom always comes with a price. Lucas lost his mother at a young age but at least he had his dad and his dog. Now… Now he has nothing… Lucas grabbed the part of the necklace Incharmia was carrying. He then grabbed his dads. He sat down not facing anyone. They could all hear him crying. “I guess it’s over now” Issac said stabbing his sword into the ground, and then walks over to Lucas and puts a hand onto his shoulder, and waits for him to calm down. Stiletto stares on, almost weary from the conflict, but yet still stagnant in emotion. Eva stares but musters up the courage to say “it’s okay Lucas”. Cori walks over and sits next to Lucas. Jynx sits and they both lean against each other. they’re just silent, letting Lucas grieve in peace, while also there to comfort him if he needs it. “Ah, man, i’m not good in these kinds of situations” He said nervously looking over to the side. Lucas stands up. “Let’s go” he said blandly. Everyone walks over to a giant door. “Here it is” he said. “The door to escape” he said softly. “Is everyone ready?” he asked.

#Chapter 9: Freedom always comes with a price
Cori and Jynx hug and walk to the door. Cori and Jynx were shot back. Lucas gave a questioned look as he walked over to the door. It didn’t push him back. He saw a hand scanner and put his hand on it. “Lucas scanned Jeremy needed to open door” it said. Lucas remembered now.

In Lucas’s mind
"Alright buddy it’s done put your hand on the door" Jeremy said. “Daddy what happens if you die? How will I get out?” a young Lucas asked. “Oh don’t worry buddy Mommy can open it also! and so can you just put your hand on this scanner.” 5 years later. “Dad what are you doing?” Lucas asked. “I know you have been leaving in secret so I am making it to where you can’t open it” he said bitterly. “Heh the only other way is if the founders die, and the founders are me and you” he said laughing.

Back to the real world

Lucas turned around a smiled. “Remember when our journey started?” He asked. “I was so shy and I couldn’t even fight” he said laughing. He sighed knowing if he wanted his friends to be free he had no other choice. “Heh I wish there was another way.” he said drawing his sword. He looked up. “My dad wasn’t a real fight nor was he hard” he said. “And I know the people who made you… they want a better fight” he said taking a fighting stance. No one wanted to fight Lucas and he knew that. He realized he shouldn’t have said anything. “Freedom is the only answer freedom is the only answer” the words kept echoing in Lucas’s mind. He couldn’t bear to live without his family, and he wanted his friends to be free. He looked down at the sword in his hand. “Stiletto operation live free” he said. “Take good care of yourselves” he said smiling. Before anyone could say anything Lucas had stabbed himself in the heart. He fell to the ground without any words. He died… He died smiling and happy.
The doors opened and everyone walked outside to see the new world. What they saw was not expected. There were no humans in sight and the city they saw in the distance was destroyed. Unknown beasts were flying in the sky and roaming around. Was this the outside world? What happened? It seemed like their journey, was only just starting.

In a world that has been torn down by beasts. God like beasts roam the world. Something happened. Something bad. and this will not be the end. We may never have an end. From the Captors that control their victims to the Metaerica who’s shells were entire cities. There is a lot more tho this world than what we originally thought. Humans live underground. There is a rumor. A sword. A sword that can slay gods. It lies in a town. But no one could use it it killed anyone who tried. Maybe this could help our hero’s on their next adventures.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in this short role play. @LordDerp who played Eva the human with awesome enhancements. @darrell_robinson who played Sapphire the edgy teen. @I_T_U who played Stiletto the emotionless human who acts like a drone. @jynx680 who played Josh/Jynx the bitter kid who hates everyone and Cori who is some edgy teen who can control demons. @Axilla who played Matt the awesome DJ who really likes music and being upbeat. @DivineThorn who played Issac the bow wielding boy who has a lot of skills.

This story has been slightly edited for some grammar checks and spelling errors. If there is more errors please let me know. It’s a long read but I hope you all enjoy.


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