Digging creature-Trapinx


Monster has A broad chest with large claws for digging. The creature would have a reptilian type look to it, scales, tail, maybe some spikes. It’s height should be around the size of the Goliath, its has the snout like a werewolf from underworld! Able to move underground but its digging is loud so the hunters would easily locate the monster but would be hard to deter where it’s location would be!
It’s abilities are in the same category as a brawler, and include
Trap door- digs a large hole big enough for two hunters to be trapped In.
Deathclaw- while moving under ground it slashes at the hunters!
Spike- it launches stalagmites from under shears surface an is the heavy damage dealer!
Shriek- let’s out a deafening shriek the hurts the hunter but stops the hunters from accessing the monster for a short time! Let me know what you think I’m new to the forum don’t really know how these work!


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