Digging/Burrowing Traversal for T5 monster (anyone remember scorponok from Transformers?)

Particularly, if you played the game, you would know he’s a scorpion that digs in the ground to get around. However, you would also know his body is exposed about every second/every other second. This could be applied to either a scorpion or serpent based monster (or something I can’t think of). It would have a stamina bar much like behemoth’s. Also, he/she wouldn’t be able to dig under rocks/metal objects. Any thoughts?

Here’s a link for reference of scorponok’s movement for those who don’t know:

I want a monster with drill related attacks so I can name it Drillbit x3

Like the Scorpid that eventually became Goliath? :wink:

Uh. who’s scorpid again? lol. I’ve only had evolve for a week and a half now xP

The original Goliath. They changed, which was a shame I loved the way Scorpid looked…someone will link you 2 tht thread.

Go forth and enjoy!


Man I would so love to play as a scorpion…

If we had a borrowing monster we could just burrow under the dome and the developers would have change objects to what he can play on also some area’s would completly nerf the ability

no, he wouldn’t be able to dig under the dome. It doesn’t bypass objects, except maybe destructible objects, it merely boosts speed and reduces his size (and therefore making it harder to shoot or see him.)

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The dome is actually a complete sphere. I surmise that is does exist beneath the ground too, you merely cannot see it.

It’s a cylinder. :wink:

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…My whole life was a lie.

And no it isn’t.

Sure it is. Major or MacMan commented on a picture of one here somewhere.



…No it isn’t! :stuck_out_tongue: A cylinder is a solid geometrical figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval cross section with a flattened base and cap.

The dome is perfectly round.

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I think we can all agree it’s an ellipse…

A cylinder with a hemispherical end.

No. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a sphere! Radius of 60m. I’m sure it’s sixty meters up too, why don’t we check? Ping the tip of it and read the distance.

The dome’s side as neither straight nor parallel.

Cylinder with a mostly spherical end.

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Oh my god it is a cylinder…