Difficulty posting on mobile devices


When I’m typing posts on my iPad or iPhone the page in the background decides to try and go to the top.
This causes slowness while typing due to loading every post up on the way there, and half the time this means I’m not able to post as it forces my safari app to close down
Anyone else having this?


I had this problem awhile ago. If you try loading into a thread that has a high amount of posts your phone will try loading them all. This will kill your RAM and will cause you to jump up or down to a place it has loaded already. It usually goes to the top or bottom due to those being the most recently used property.


Nah, I can enter topics with a large number of posts fine, it’s only when I try and type a post on that topic that I start shooting for the top


Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say. You’re entering in new information, so the site and your phone have to update to compensate. Since that new data has to go through a bunch of different processes and networks, it can have trouble loading that information. This can cause it to jump to the top or bottom.


I’ts only a recent problem for me though, sometime in the last few weeks


How’s your RAM like? Any issues with your service provider recently?


Not sure what my ram is like, but thus problem just started recently and happens on different wifi networks


OK. Do you know the speeds you’re getting from the WiFi you’re on?


You can usually check your RAM in the settings of your phone under apps or it will be in its own category.


14.7Mbps download, got 3.3gbs free space on iPad, which is more than I usually have


Ok, what about upload speed?


0.3 Mbps

But these are the same speeds I’ve had for ages


Huh, I don’t know then. Maybe a problem with your connection to Discourse. They were having troubles this morning.


I was having a similar issue this morning but it seems to have solved itself.
I would hit reply and it would move me up in the Topic. I didn’t notice any lag when typing like you did though.

It was just annoying cause I’d post and then need to move back to the bottom since it didn’t automatically bring me to my post. Seems to be alright now though.


Check your settings, automatically jumping to your post might be turned off.


Like 99% of all technology problems are user error, this just confirmed it for me lol


It jumps down for me after I post, which causes some weirdness.
I’ll try and post a pic after I get back from work


When this happens I can’t scroll down to the bottom, it just repeats, and the order of the posts gets convoluted

I had a better pic but I can’t find it


I’d suggest posting as a bug on meta.discourse.org.
If you don’t want to create another account just let me know and I’ll post it for you.


Nah, I already have an account there