Differing Look Sensitivity


I was just thinking about how good it would be to have different levels of look sensitivity that could be set per character or between monster or hunters.

For example have a higher look sensitivity for monster but a lower one for hunters. I tend to stick around the mid sensitive levels for hunters but playing monster with a high sensitivity feels so much better but you can’t stop to change ever match. It wastes too much time and is a big pain.


I agree with this. Whether or not it will happen may defy game mechanics, but if it can be done, I say go for it. C:


@Miel @Shaners @LadieAuPair

This would be a really good addition for people who are smart about these things. I got the game and cranked that shit up to 100 and never looked back… lol


Thank you! I really don’t feel like this is getting the notices that it deserves.

Its like you are playing a whole different game when being a monster versus the hunters. It just makes sense to have differing controls.


And let us set the acceleration, deadzone and X/Y sensivity.


Your suggestions actually fall under accessibility options, so I can take on championing them for you :wink:

I doubt this stuff will make it on for TU09, but I’ll get it in the database and what not.

This is your daily reminder that accessibility options are great for all gamers, not just gamers with disabilities.


Has anyone ever told you, you are the bestest?


Alright, we’ve got this tracked in the database now. We aren’t going to have it for TU09, but we can see where it can fit into the schedule after that. Thanks guys! <3


And please dont forget this thread when we talk about gamepad settings :smiley: - @LadieAuPair


We’ve got those in the database as well! @Insane_521 went over that stuff with me yesterday. Again, I don’t have a time estimate, but definitely something we’re interested in post TU09


I am so excited :smiley: - Thank you!