Different Skill Levels For Each Monster


TRS has mentioned the temporary fix they are implementing to matchmaking where our “skill levels” will be reset for Arcade and Hunt Beta. What I was thinking is perhaps we could also have individual “skill levels” for different monsters?

For example, I’m a much better Goliath than I am Kraken. I would love to practice Kraken but I would just end up getting stomped by teams that match my Goliath skill level. If we had different matchmaking levels for different monsters, I could practice Kraken because I’m matched against people with similar skill, rather than getting stomped or doing the stomping.

I know this probably wouldn’t be possible with hunters since there are so many characters and a lot of your success is determined by your teams coordination, but I feel like this would be a great way for monster mains to diversify and to try out new monsters/strategies. Thoughts?


I’m going to say that I really like this plan :slight_smile:

It would make it much less exhausting to play a Monster you’re not familiar with when you can start over and build up experience without getting immediately grinded into paste.


You’ll focus less on running and crying in a corner and more on how to land abilities and chain combos :sunglasses: