Different planets to play on


Space maps, different planets other than planet shear, space life to feed on instead of wildlife, that would change it up. From the makers of left 4 dead, I know you can make it an exciting experience.


They said that they wanted to do different planets early on in the development but ended up scrapping that idea.


Yeah, I mean if the planet has different types of environments on it, like earth, then it really isn’t needed.


But they could have a variety of different maps and game modes instead of saying this one planet has everything, it could give you an option to go to a certain planet to play that particular game mode or experience that type of environment.


You can have the same variety of maps and game modes or more, just as unique without changing planets. It just makes it easier for the sense of lore and story around the planet itself, and allows for a more cohesive plot that doesn’t confuse players trying to follow it and understand it.

At any rate it was already scraped in development anyways, bit too late to re-write all the story.


And you are right, everything can be put on this one planet, but its the fact of being more creative and have more to offer. For example, u have randomized maps. We already saw what the creatures look like on this planet, and this planet looks like earth. On another planet you can have more like alien creatures that may be harder than the wildlife creatures, so you want the player to have the option if they aren’t that good to play on a planet with randomized maps thats easier to handle, not maps that randomized and hard that everytime that map comes on the player wants to quit.


Im just saying


The monsters aren’t from Shear, they’re aliens. So any monster we can dream up, can show up here.


And that second part doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me sorry. Sounds like you are talking about a mechanic that isn’t in the game, and would involve re-making the entire structure of the game which wouldn’t be feasible at this leg, since development is done and they are just manufacturing now.


It’s not just about the monsters, it’s about the gameplay and modes, read what I was saying and tell me what you think about the idea


Why would you have to remake it, if they are going to be adding as the time goes by, it doesnt even have to be persay part of the story,it can be just new game modes and experiences in the game, remember as this game goes on after launch they are going to be taking ideas from post and putting it to use for their players, as said by the developers, so instead of shooting the idea down, and. You know its a good one, just second it so maybe this could come into play


I can’t help but feel as though having randomized maps would be hell for both the Hunters and Monstar. Not to mention, I’m not sure how well the Crysis engine in general would handle randomization since I’ve heard it can be incredibly difficult to optimize.

Evolve is meant to be an incredibly competitive game, and having something such as randomizing maps can easily tip the favor for the Hunters or Monster. There’s a vital element to balancing any game that most people tend to gloss over: the balance of the map. Can you imagine spawning in as the Monster but there’s only one way to the generator? What if a majority of the Monster’s food spawned across the map? How about if a majority of the map just had lava/acid and there was little to no safe spots for hunters to walk/run around? You get the point :stuck_out_tongue: While it could create fun and exciting experiences, I feel as though it can easily sour a groups time.

In competitive scenes, players need to know a lot about how each map works and what’s on that map so that they can co-ordinate plans and strategies. Once you throw in random elements, I guarantee it’ll most likely be a turnoff for a majority of players. But to say that having a randomizing element is bad isn’t exactly right either. For all we know it could work, but I feel as though it’d be a nightmare for a game like Evolve.

Either way, we don’t really know exactly how big Shear is anyway. There’s a lot of possibilities and areas to cover with this one single planet. Lets explore this planet before moving on.

Besides, we can venture to other planets in Evolve 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll just bookmark this comment for future use! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but by the way the developers are talking, they are saying they want this one game to go for some years, basically like evolve 1 and evolve 2 which im all for it, because games these days are expensive so im trying to get the most experience and play out of the life of the game. I hate when u spend $100 dollars on a game thats season pass included, and less than a year later they’re already talking about a number 2, but with this game they’re taking their timeand creating and adding things as the time go by,so impressed. Im just giving my thoughts, anything could happen.


…Except maybe for the Wraith !!?