Different perk & Same effect -> stack?


Rocket king gives all kinds of movement bonus, yet other perks grant same effect, such as plain jump height bonus. Do they stack when equipped together? For instance, Lithium battery + Rocket king jet-pack regen bonus, do they stack?


Yes they do :slight_smile: The effects are additive, so each percentage adds to the last. They’re working on a UI indicator of the overall effect of your three perk picks to help make this kind of thing clear.


Yes, all slots will stack with each other if they have the same effect.


Thanks! This helped a lot.


Thanks a lot


Do same perks with different level stack too? Like, 3 jet regen perks?


Yes. I use Bionic Legs, Cybernetic Legs, and Rocket King to get a 425% jump boost (all of those perks are fully upgraded).


That’s beautiful. Thx for the info!