Different mmr for monsters and hunters


You currently either stomp the monster or are stomped by the monster in the lower skilled hell. People here play to learn and they dont learn two totally different gameplay at the same time. I think before playing you should select if doing it as a hunter or as the monster so that the team can be done right, with 4 hunters whose average mmr is the same as the monster they are facing. It’s really frustrating not being able to play a game where the challenge is right. Overkilling first game kraken is not fun. Being overkilled by skilled player cause you reached too high by winning against newbies and are not prepared for a REAL monster is no fun. In that way we could even put an end to those constant alt+f4 of the player who doesnt want to be the monster and goes away as soon as he sees the role. Plus, one person who’d like to switch a bit simply cannot currently: I havent played monster very much since the beginning and now I just could not do it cause the matchmaking would put me against hunters who are not as newbie as I am with a monster and I would be stomped for sure not even learning anything. We need the mmr split. Please.