Different Gamemodes


Hi. I was watching videos of the live stream and couldn’t help notice that in the loading screens up the top corner it says 'HUNT". Does this mean there are other game modes beside Hunt? Or am I just being silly,


probably 10 char


I think i remember them hinting of other game modes. Which is one of the things i really want to know more about :slight_smile:


Yeah, we don’t know the specifics of the others yet, but hunt is the basic one that you’ve been seeing.


We know there will be other modes, but we don’t know what.

We do know that it is not monster vs monster or hunter vs hunter, but other than that, it is pretty open and mysterious.


As Takran says, having monster vs monster or hunter vs hunter would destroy 4v1 style. So it pretty much is hunters vs monster but with different objective for one of the sides? :smile:


Personally I’m still hopeful that they might go the Battlefield Bad Company 2 route with some map specific gamemodes.

Yea sometimes it sucks you can’t play all modes on all maps, but when you can design maps around a specific mode you can make it more interesting.

I think a long “tunnel” map, like the L4D levels, would be a cool gamemode. Some kind of escape, with multiple objectives to do along the way.


Something like the Get to the Chopper mode on primal carnage ? That one was quite exciting.


I’m hoping for a game mode where the hunters actually have to survive a certain time limit or make it to the objective (chopper or something else) without being killed. The monster would start at stage 3 and the hunters would only have there side arms/minimal ammo, apart from the trapper which can lay down traps/decoys etc. I think this mode would be badass.


There was a similar Gamemode proposed before, Hunted, though the topic didn’t go far, but it would stop the idea from being lost in the thread.


Im really hoping for a monster v monster mode just because of how awesome it would be to see kraken and goliath going at it


it would be cool to have CTF with a monster on each side ‘guarding’ the flag


On an interesting note, there was a stream the other day where someone visited TRS and said that he saw 5 maps (Not just the 3 we know of, though he didn’t go into detail regarding them) but did mention that there are several other modes, ALL of which involve the 4v1 mechanic. The person seems to know what he is talking about for the most part so I think it’s safe to assume that currently there are no match ups involving hunters vs hunters or monster vs monster matchups.