Different FOV of weapons?


So with my shitty graphical sttings my normal Fov of weapons looks that

But today after joinning a new game in quick play my Fov looked that
Anyone know if this bug or nor and If its possible to make your Fov look like on second screenshot entire time?


Strange. Are you sure you didn’t screw around with any of the options on accident?


nope there is literally 10 min difference between those screnshots


Has it happened again? With any other character?


I thought vxf was bisual effects


Nope first time ever saw something like that. Oh and I took over the bot if that matters.


That might be it. A problem switching between POVs.


I swear to you, the one up top is a skin.


Yeah, he’s got the elite skin on.


On first its Ragnarok skin that I forgot to take off, and second is without skin because like I said It happened after taking over the bot