Different dome colors/abilities


I think it would be nice if each hunters’ domes had different colors :smiley: I know it’s totally unnecessary but it would add a liiittle bit of variation - just a think to shortly peek at…
Moreover, I could imagine Jack’s dome having a unique ‘ability’ - since he seems to be a mechanic-genius, his domes could have a built-in detection/warning system. If the monster tries to evade the fight (especially Wraith…), hides in a corner and gets to close to the dome, it could get a jolt or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys think of that? ^^

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Macman said a long time ago that domes won’t have different colors, sorry :sweat_smile:

And about the abilities, I think the domes are fine just the way they are right now.


Hmm, that’s a pity … :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think that domes are fine as well. They should never damage the monster at all. That would be the monster could never get near the dome wall. Not exactly fair.
And I think the devs have better things to do with their time than change dome colors.


Haha, right…but they also often only change skin colors :smiley:


I’m with you on the dome variations.

Don’t think it’ll ever happen though, sad. I’d like to see them one day, once the game slows down, and they have time to work on actual cosmetics for people to buy. At least some basic colour changes from that blue. Don’t really like it.


Dome color variations would be lovely- more customization in general- but don’t hold your breath for it.


Mm, how I feel about it. I hope one day it’ll be possible. But I’d rather content/balancing/bug fixes come before cosmetics.


I’d love a purple dome! :blush:
OR some confetti if you catch the monster, like the grunt birthday party skull in halo =p

Joking aside, more customization options would be quite nice but not essential ^^


Purple/black would be my preference.
Or the matrix numbers in green falling down the walls. That’d be up there too.


What with say Kraken, Caira and Abe and other particle effects from hunters it’d be one heck of a light show during a dome battle, and I’m all for that XD


It could make for some interesting game play, for sure, but it would also likely put a lot of other mechanics out of whack. I think it’s best to leave some things purely down to the effective skill of the player (as in Griffin’s harpoon accuracy or Abe’s stasis grenade placement) rather than allow for tools that provide very explicit ambient advantages.

I imagine it’s also important that the dome and what it encompasses are immediately clear for both hunters and the monster. Various colors might be visually interesting at first, but a black dome would likely be very difficult to see for some people on certain levels (even as it is, color-blind players have to adjust their output manually).


That’s true, aesthetic features seems pretty simple but I guess there are a lot of things the devs have to consider first