Different Data Shown (Val laz and torvald weak spots)


so i got this idea with a player/friend of mine plus all my team agrees (they’re all founders).

in my opinion the data for weak spots should be changed. im talking about the screen after the game where you can see damage dealt etc…
why do we see for example “how many weak spots you put on the monster” instead of “how much damage people did to the monster thanks to your weak spots”?

it’s a very simple and maybe useless change/idea i have in mind but, i dont really care if i put 999 weak spots on the monster, i would care more if i knew how much dmg my team and i did thanks to weak spots.

well, i hope this will be considered, i really like the idea :smiley:

i would like to say very good job to everyone of you in TRS on not letting this game die(i was one of the few players remaining UNTIL THE END). thank you. i love this game.