Different conversations between hunters


i would like to hear conversations between cabot and bucket or hyde and markov.
what do you guys think would they tell each other?
or other hunters which we never hear talking with each other.

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i dont really want specific hunters talking, i just really dislike the silent dropships followed up by one phrase like “lets do this” . that should be improved more instead


you are aware that he means same class hunters hyde, markov? both assaults
i’d like to hear those kinda convos too acually
edit: truth be told i do wonder how we should know since said hunters a same class so they’ll never be in the dropship together (sadly)


I dont see how this would happen, but it sounds like it would be cool.

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Hyde and Hyde or riot.

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Conversations between Hunters of the same class would be cool, but it would be impossible through normal game play. I keep hoping they’ll give us some animations of the Assaults interacting. The Medics interacting. Supports. Trappers. Not sure exactly what they’d do. Maybe one group playing poker between hunts.


Val Slim going at it. My money’s on Val.


Not really. They could be communicating remotely. “Oi Markov, I saw you missed that shot. Pick up your aim mate!” Could be something commed in during the match, or someone else on the dropship talking to those about to drop.

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That would be sweet actually.


I actually like the occasional silence