Different color number on the forums


What is the difference from a white number for replies and a red one?


What? Red? I’ve never seen this.


I think white is just unread while red is new. So if you have been in a topic you are tracking but don’t read to the end then it can have a number for the posts you haven’t read as well as the new posts since you went in last?


I’ve never noticed this. Is it on mobile?


It’s on desktop too :slightly_smiling:


But I’ve never seen it be red.




Yeah, never seen that.


The mobile version only has white numbers I think. That’s what I’ve noticed anyway. :smile:


I get red numbers on mobile…


When you enter a topic and leave, if you didn’t finish reading anything in there those posts are in white. Anything added after the end of that topic when you left is red.

Example: Topic has 100 posts. You read 75 and leave. It shows a white 25. 15 more posts are added, you now have a white 25 and 15 red showing that you didn’t finish reading 25, and there have been 15 added since you last left it.


I’ve always had two white numbers next to each other in that situation. :confused:


It could be that mobile it’s only white and white then?


Apparently you get red too. I’m so confused. :slightly_smiling:

Are you on an ios or android device @Torvald_Stavig?


Mobile just seems to have white dots next to a new thread.


10 char


I take it back, I always go back and forth from PC and Mobile on the forums so I forget.

There is no red on the mobile.

Instead of red it is gray.


I didn’t even realise that second one was gray. :smile:


Yeah, it is only slightly darker.


That explains it then. Thanks.