Diet plan for both daisy and Behemoth


Okay we all know @MidnightRoses is smart enough to point out that daisy and behemoth are obese and need to lose weight. We are gonna need you to donate 1Million likes (aka the currency for the forums) to help us for this great cause that way fitness experts can come and put them back to shape.


Behemoth doesnt need to get thin!
He’s pretty enough, and in my book, that’s a win!





Behemoth needs to excercise


Real monsters have curves, you need to stop holding them to wraith standards of beauty and love their bodies as they are


but if they don’t loose weight soon they will die :frowning:


In defense of behemoth, he doesn’t need to lose weight because he’s already a badass huge monster ready to annihilate anything in his path. Hell, he"d kill us all in mere seconds if it wasn’t for the hunters weapons that do more damage than ebonstars standard rifle. And as far daisy, she’s fast for being a big girl so in my book she’s still ok.


I wouldn’t tell my girlfriend that her special power is rolling over people and stomping them to death. But being a slim bitch that everyone hates isn’t a great compliment either. I’d take a more leveled electrifying monster who still is special enough to love, but not too much. Then have little Goliath babies :revolving_hearts:


Will post my gif of behemoth taking dance lessons. Soon.