Died twice, one strike


So I wasn’t just incapped as Val I completely died so now I’m at the drop shop one strike right? The next time I died and returned to the dropship, I still have only one incap on me. I know I suck at math but something’s not adding up here :pensive:


Clearly the game gave you a slap on the wrist for screwing up twice.

I have seen this before on the Xbone, not sure what your on.


What system are you on? I have been having all kinds of weird stuff happening to me tonight on xbox one. Just left a match where the kraken was invisible to me but the other player could see it. Before that AI hank was dropping orbitals right on top of me, the monster, through walls.


It was a nice slap to the face for the monster :smirk:


I’m on PS4



Yeah I believe it is something to do with server lag because this seems to have become the new problem everyone is talking about next to the five hunters thing.


As much as I love the fact that beat that smug monster down, I still think this bug should be fixed quickly. Kind of unfair for the monsters