Didn't Sunny die?


I’m on my phone so I can’t hunt down the story that Matthew posted, but I was certain Sunny died in that whole Sword debacle (“That wasn’t Parnell’s fault”).

Seems kind of weird to confirm a character as dead them make em DLC.

Unless I’m crazy and wrong?



Actually Matthew talked abt it on the evolve subreddit. Sure freaking engine exploded but they never found her body :stuck_out_tongue:


The ship exploded, taking it and the Sword out… it’s a fairly common fictional caveat that if you haven’t seen a body then you can’t say 100% they’re dead. :wink:


I thought the same thing.


Given how Abe and Parnell discuss Sunny being bad-ass and epic, I assume she just pulled a win out of nowhere.

@Matthew is such a tease :wink:


I do want to hear how she made it out alive. Do Abe and Parnell know she is alive?


I hope this means that irresponsible drunkard who also helped is a future hunter.


Buying her on release just so i can hear the dialogue between them


what are you guys talking about?


The fourth support character, Sunny. I can’t link it atm, so maybe someone else can if you haven’t read them, but one of TRS’ writers posted a handful of short background stories for a few characters.

Parnell’s included Sunny, who was the pilot of his ship the Sword. Spoilers, she appears to die but apparently that’s not the case anymore.


You can find some of them here, I’m not sure if it’s a complete list.


Yeah I really can’t wait to hear the dialogue, like why is she even on Shear? looking for Abe and Parnell or what.


All we need is a medic from The Sword and we can run matches as The Swords crew.

Cuz that worked out so well last time.


Just read all the stories last night. Needs to be a book. The Halo books left me cold, but these characters and this world are so damn intriguing!! And I only had 16 hours of thinking Sunny was dead…
The backstories are actually making the game more enjoyable, which is a tip of the hat to Matthew.
5 weeks and I just finished maxxing out the last character. Looks like a busy week ahead for me on Shear! :slight_smile:


We should just kick starter Matthew to start an evolve anthology or novel.



Of course. If the game makes enough money to do this.