Didn't receive unlock code from pre-order


Anyone else been waiting on 2k support forever because they didn’t receive an unlock code from pre ordering? The friend I gave my spare referral code to got an unlock code though :smile:


There is a HUGE post full of codes being given away on this very site. If you are worried, you can go there. Also, if you pre-ordered and didn’t get an e-mail, one of the Devs provided a link to get access.


Thanks, I put a post up on that thread. Also put in a ticket with 2k through that link from the Dev 1 day and 7 hours ago without a reply back yet


h fair enough, didn’t know if you saw it or not :stuck_out_tongue: They are probably very busy atm :stuck_out_tongue:


Got a code in the giveaway thread, I’ll post mine up for grabs once 2k support fixes me up


I didn’t either, luckily someone helped me out


Yep same here…preordered my game,have an email of retailer with registration code,specifically guarentteing access to alpha,just had to wait for unlock code email…didn’t receive.I now have 4 emails,off 4 different 2k support staff saying they are emailing me the unlock code asap…I recievednothing,and now the alpha is over…really really disappointed in this