Didn't Receive Hyde Blood Eagle


PArticipated in the event, form waht I read we won. Still haven’t gotten it. I know I have the Carnivore G. skin because I bought it prior to Stage 2. Please help me with this issue.


Maybe you didn’t play Hunter on that Weekend like me… because i dont have it either. Only got the Monster skin ^^


did not get the skin either, but we should


Yes, you will get both skins, even if you only played hunter or monster and not both. I specifially asked this last week and got the above response.

I played both btw, monster and hunter, and also only got the goliath skin so far. So I guess they still have to hand out the Hyde skin.



Some skins seen to not have been part of the correct patch update, and will be available in the next patch. Trs have apologised for the delay!