Didn't get the Kala gold skin


I don’t know if its a glitch or they didnt give it out yet, but I didnt get it. Plz help


Were you online during the weekend it was going on?

You might not have it because you didn’t play that weekend.

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Sorry that you missed it. Hopefully there will be challenges where you can earn this back, unless you did play and the system skipped you.


If you feel it was a mistake contact 2k support.


I can confirm that they did send them out. I have mine.


Likewise. And I just played a single solo game.


As long as you played Evolve, you get the skin. Online or solo.


But you need to be Online while playing the solo…


Yes you need to have internet lol


I’m mistaking the person that I wanted to reply lol :sweat_smile:


If you did play that weekend, first and foremost, you should contact 2k support here:


after that, you can double check with Shaners or LadieAuPair - they are usually the ones that check in when skins aren’t distributed properly.


i was active


Then contact 2k. Let us know how that goes.