Didnt get mt cosmic skins


i my dlc was gone and i didnt get my cosmic skins can someone help me?


@Jedi_Warrior You seem to know most about this stuff, correct?


What platform are you on?


If you are on xbox go to mange game, and make sure it was downloaded. If it is I would just restart Evolve, or maybe even your xbox.


I have arrived, sorry I’m late for the party.

Just looked at OP’s posts in other threads and it seems he/she is on PC.
I can’t be of any help with this as I am an Xbox guy. :cry:

Maybe @THISaint can help?

@anthony260 I hope you find a solution to your problem soon. :smiley:



Right click on the Evolve in your Steam Library and click View Downloadable Content. Tick the box to download the cosmic skins and restart Steam.