Didn't get Behemoth?!


So the new hunters and behemoth were added today, and I did not get Behemoth! I preordered and put in the code! I even got the Savage Skin for goliath! Someone help me!


I dunno bring it up with @DamJess


What console?


Xbox One…


Im on ps4 i didnt buy predorder thats why i said bring it up with her


Yeah there’s some sort of licensing thingy where the hunters and behemoth will be released at 8pm EST/5pm PST. It’s annoying and dumb but we have to wait only 2 more hours


I was talking to OP


I’d wait until the hunters are released before you start getting worried.


I just read the Updated Issues list by DamJess, but I don’t understand I will get it today or tomorrow


Supposedly today


The hunters are released though


They are released


HOLY CRAP…i cant believe its not butter!!! But still so 2 hours and presto sanic the wargeheg has been unlocked?!




They are released but if you read gallagherbs comment there are licensing issues with Xbox one, apparently they will be available to play a bit later on and I also believe that the behemoth is in the same boat.


What?! I bought them yesterday but they still haven’t been released for me


2 hours? God I hope so


Yeah they are being released in like an hour and a half (Supposedly, Going off word of Damjess) on xbox one



I can play AGAINST behemoth, or the hunters, but I can’t play as 'em