Didn't get Behemoth when Pre ordering?!


I just today got back on Evolve after a couple of months away. When I got on I was excited to play the new hunters and the monster that came out. When I got on steam I saw all the hunters etc. had all been installed. When I got on the game though, it said that the Behemoth was locked, and that I had to purchase it from the store?!

How do I fix this?


What platform are you on?


Pc… he said steam xD


Looks like I missed that part.


Right click on the Evolve in your Steam Library and press View Downloadable Content, after you do that snap a screenshot for me so I can take a look.

As you are a newcomer on the forums, you will not have an access to post the link. Bypass the system by writing the link like this i m a (g) e () g o e s h 3 r .


i m a (g) e () g o e s h 3 r

I also included a photo to show the date I purchased the game to show it was a pre order.


Looks like you do own them.

What I can suggest you is to do the following.

You see the ticks in those boxes? Go ahead and untick those boxes, restart the Steam and after the restart tick those boxes again. Restart your Steam once again and launch the game. It should now successfully download DLC files if it hasn’t already.

Give us a report back whether that works or not.


No luck, in the game it still says I have to purchase the Behemoth from the store. Looking closer I also noticed I do not have the Savage Goliath skin either… Looks like I didn’t get any pre order items.


Do you have your 2K account linked? Have you already tried verifying the game files through Steam?


I’ am verifying the integrity of the game cache via steam now, and I do not have a 2k account, would this be the problem? I just made one right now, how do I go about linking it to the game?

-Edit: Verifying the game cache said it was successful and nothing has changed.


Launch the game and I believe it should be in EXTRAS.


I verified the game, and linked it to the 2k games account I just made and I’ am still not having any luck.

After linking it I restarted steam and did the same thing you suggested earlier and it still says I have to purchase the monster. I also still do not have the savage skin.

Any reason as to why it would be doing this?


I would contact steam support. However painful that multiday project would be.


Would steam be able to do anything? I feel that they would just direct me back to the devs.


You have better chance contacting 2K’s Support.


Yea, 2K would be the better route.