Didnt get all the free stuff?


hey all

so i bought evolve like the rest of you before it was f2p and not just the game but some expansions with it aswell
the expansions excluded gorgon and the hunters that came with her

my question are, why is behemoth and his seasonal hunters locked for me ?
and honestly why are gorgons hunters and her aswell ?
this includes the skins aswell

wasnt i supposed to get them like the rest of you founders ?
or is this supposed to be like that ?
im legit just asking dont want to complain here or something


Do you remember what DLC exactly you had purchased?


DLC 420 :stuck_out_tongue:


i think it was the one with slim sunny torvald and crow

maybe thats why i dont have access to the rest ?


yes, there were 2 dlc season passes.

first season pass was behemoth,sunny,crow,slim and torvald.

second season pass was gorgon,lennox,kala,emet, and jack.

althoug correct me if im wrong, but you could buy the behemoth seperately, and so the gorgon right?
so youll probably get those ones for free if you bought em individually.


speaking of behemoth he doesnt appear for me in the in-game shop but gorgon does so thats weird


Behemoth is locked for everyone unless you owned him. He’s undergoing some tweaking.


ah ok, good to know


Behemoth was NOT part of Hunting Season One, he was a preorder bonus.


And some people didn’t preorder Behemoth. So I would say yes he was part of HS1


He was not, he was purchasable separately, though. I should have mentioned that as well.


Hmm well then, that’s weird :thinking:


i bought the monster expansion pack( but i dont have any of my previous pj, only the wraith ) (and of course, i dont have behemonth now


I believe it’s due to Behemoth being a preorder bonus for all versions of the game, they didn’t want people who preordered the regular edition of the game to have to pay for a character they already owned when buying the pass.