Did you know?


This game has a Draw mechanic.

I have actually had a DRAW against a Goliath. Now that was one hell of a tight game that ended at the relay. Any other experiences?


I only knew this because someone linked a video of a draw ending earlier today. Quite funny and probably really uncommon.


We do, thanks for the input, where is the big alpha, daily trash talk thread?


Uhm… Wait what? O_o


Oh back in the big alpha we abused the thread for daily trash talk. Safed a lot of threads like this, no offence.


Yep I got footage back in the Big Alpha of a Draw game. Both Hank and I the Monster went ragdolly, and it showed no winner. But I also had a glitch where I couldn’t eat, evolve or use any abilities. Perhaps I’ll put it up on the Youtubes.