Did you know that-


Crow’s real name is Khovalj (Or something like that.)
flies away


I once knew someone named Frank whose older brother was named that… huh.


-there are some species of jellyfish and other animals that can literally live forever as long as nothing comes along and kills them.

The more you know.

sinks to the bottom of the ocean


If we’re going this route, we already have a thread about random tidbits of info :stuck_out_tongue:


Then I’ll keep it just on the name XD.

Nope, I didn’t know that but I do wonder what nationality it’s from… MaddCow, any ideas since you knew someone’s brother named that?


-gets a net for both of ye- >M> hehe


Mongolian. Also, in the game there is dialogue where he talks about his name and his brother, Frank. His parents were traditionalists for his name, then stopped. It’s funny.

Edit: @Hydrawolf Edited to explain where it is from.


Now I know.