Did you know that Evolve Stage 2 Had almost 5 MILION players?


So I was browsing the net, and there was apparently a leak on the player count of many games.

In this chart, Evolve Stage 2 had 4,826,928 unique players. That’s quite the number when you think about it. Obviously, not everybody played at the same time but it’s a number to think about when looking at the grand scheme of things. I remember watching some documentary/vlog on a release of Evolve and for a split second, we could see in the distance a TV with a chart with a huge spike, while @Chloe was celebrating. My guess was that they reached a half a million or maybe even a million of players/sales. I wasn’t sure, but looking at it now, and knowing that after (I think a year) there was a conference call with investors of 2K and there was a number of 2 million games sold, I am impressed. Then, came Stage 2 and Steam Spy was showing a spike I think of 15k consecutive players. It may not sound like a lot, but SteamSpy was showing less than 9k playing on the release date.
@SlabOMeat any input you can share? If not, that’s cool, I’m still gonna be waiting for TRSs new AAA title. My money is on Left for Dead 3, but we won’t know until 3-4 years from now.

What do you guys think? Good, bad? What do you thing of this number?


It’s not L4D, Valve owns the IP to that franchise.

It was cool to see all the new people try out Stage 2 when it hit, but ultimately it’s player retention that matters for Evolve to stay alive and not get axed.


Slewey… Left 4 dead 2, wasnt a big success…

Valve wants to do it right… they’ll bring TRS in on a contract to develop it.

I mean… I can dream right?

Looking to work on a globally known game franchise? Join our exceptional development team as a Senior Level Designer on an unannounced AAA title. Do you love creating awesome level layouts and designing fun encounters? Do you enjoy watching people play through your levels and collaborating to make them even better? The job will require working closely with artists, engineers, and other designers to create awesome content.

globally known game franchise

Valve owning L4D doesn’t mean that TRS can’t develop next iteration. I’ll see you in 4 years in this thread :wink:
Anyhow, I agree that retention was an issue. I loved the game from the get-go, but it wasn’t that easy for newcomers, and requiring 4 strangers to cooperate didn’t help either. But that’s water under the bridge now… I’m actually impressed that there were so many people that tried the game. I’m also happy that I was one of them :wink:


Those numbers were for people that were eligible to get achievements and apparently very innaccurate.


Yes it does mean that, since TRS are working with Perfect World, not Valve.


I think a developer can work with multiple publishers.


While true, does TRS really have the manpower to work on two AAA games and their VR title at the same time?


Well, one could argue that, that is why they are hiring :stuck_out_tongue:


I think people are forgetting that the new IP is a Dark Fantasy theme. Only about 50% of that fits L4D thus far (zombie apocalypse is pretty dark, but I don’t see many wizards or dragons). Unless they’re shoehorning zombies into the fantasy category for some dumb reason, I somehow very much doubt it’s another entry there.

Also, Valve doesn’t exactly have a good track record for creating 3-game series. Pretty sure it’s intentional at this point, too. If they were going to make another entry into a popular Valve series, the smarter idea would be Half Life. It would get significantly more hype than damn near anything else would.

Perfect World also does a lot of MMO stuff, and I don’t see that being particularly great for L4D, which is always very simple otherwise.

It doesn’t really fit any logic I can see.


L4D Medieval aka zombietide we’ll have a zealot, a soldier, a misanthropic ranger, a midget and an old lady


I think I wanna cross-class and have an old midget lady with a crossbow that’s too big for her.


Sounds OP 


It shows that TRS did something correct with Stage 2. But not being able to provide hotfixes for the game because of them being too expensive is what sealed the deal in the end.

I am truly happy so many people got to see Stage 2 because it means they will keep TRS on their radar, along with their next game :slight_smile:

In an upcoming game that lives or dies by its coop, we always need more people :wink: