Did you know Lazarus could


have his revive charged roughly a quarter to half way finished if he airdrops on a body and holds revive.
move and look where ever he wants while he’s reviving.
revive in between the second and third monster attack in the combo since the animation timer is roughly the same or longer than the charge time.
and reviving a tyrant allows you to ride them into battle and pronounce your glory.
just some things i picked up that helped my revive game anyone else notice anything cool?


That sounds like the worst possible idea ever. It’s obvious that mammoth birds would kill your tyrant duh.


then you revive the tyrant again and pillage the homes of those un worthy mammoth birds


It’s impossible the mammoth birds are too strong. They’re… OP -dramatic effect-


maybe if we complain to turtle rock enough they’ll Nerf it to keep us happy




Never heard of him riding a tyrant…


How I feel successfully rezzing as Laz as the Monster camps a body and looks away for a moment as I strafe by


I once said in an evolve stream that reviving the tyrant makes them peaceful to you, and he believed me :worried:


If you revive a Megamouth it’s so grateful that it immediately gives you a massive kiss. True Fact.


That would be so awesome… And validate why you can revive monsters in first place besides denial…

Simply, all revived animals are friendly to laz and double as mounts…such an awesome idea… Riding a tyrant through behemoths rockwall


SHHHHH let them dream Shin, let them dream.


I have actually seen a bunch of mammoth birds kill a Tyrant. It was on Wraith Trap.
Damn nature, you are scary!