Did you just tell me to **** off in Martian?


Love the lines in this game, but I wish they would record more down the line. Really enjoy hearing the characters fleshed out.


This game suffers from not having that much space and time to expand the story in. BUT! If you wanna at least read more about them, head over to here and spend a good hour and half reading interesting stuff about the Hunters.

Also, check out map descriptions in-game - they give away a couple fun things - as well as Evac bonuses and… but I’ll keep that one a secret. The thing is to record the end of Credits, mind you.


No :maggie_2: or :daisy:?



I think their story is depicted pretty well in a certain set of game convos between her, Hank, Val and Markov.


I agree, but I want more. Those are my homies.


I know what you mean, as much as I love Val, I’d also like to know the rest of Tier 1’s stories.


It’s down to @Matthew to write more canon goodness!